Content Is King: Demystifying The Myth

Content Is King: Demystifying The Myth

“I don’t believe in the myth that ‘content is king’, I also don’t believe that it’s the timing of a post, or the credibility of the author that makes or breaks a blog post’s ability to spread like wildfire. In reality, it’s the combination of these factors that intensify a blog post’s likelihood of being amplified in the blogosphere.

If content were king, then great posts wouldn’t go undiscovered every single day. If author credibility was the be all and end all…”

A blog post’s ‘rate of sharing’ has a lot to do with the emotional reaction that is triggered in a reader that makes them want to pass the post along to friends. This ‘need to share’ emotion kicks in when a person feels a noticeable change in thought process or emotion.

“What Impact’s a Blog Post’s Emotional Impact?

* The uniqueness of the post
* The timing of the post
* The relevance of the post to the reader
* The tone / style of the post
* The angle & idea of the post
* The intrigue created by the post’s headline
* The level of trust and credibility of the post (blog design, author reputation, accuracy of statements, quality of writing).”

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