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10 Best Convertible Car Seats For 2019

You have a baby and as of now, your primary concern is to give him the best of all worlds. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of and you would not want to mess with your child’s interests in any manner.

A car seat serves this purpose really well and if purchased properly it ensures that your child stays safe whatever may happen. However, which convertible car seat is worth buying is a question that may confuse you.

To make your work easy we have compiled a list of best convertible car seats which are going to last a long time for you. These seats are sturdy and you can place them in rear position till your baby is small.

Once he outgrows the seat you can place them in forwarding position thus ensuring that your money spent is aptly utilized.


1. Britax Marathon ClickTight

Britax Marathon ClickTight

The Marathon ClickTight convertible car seat has the patented ClickTight Installation System, a layer of side impact protection, and SafeCell Impact Protection for peace of mind while you’re on the go with your child. Car seat installation is easy as buckling a seatbelt thanks to the ClickTight Installation System.

In the Marathon Car Seat you are surrounded in safety. This convertible car seat features the patented Britax SafeCell Impact Protection system which includes a steel frame, energy-absorbing base, V-shaped tether to minimize seat rotation and staged-release stitches that slow and reduce forward movement in the event of a crash.

Britax designed the Marathon ClickTight Car Seat with a strong layer of side energy absorption; a deep foam-lined shell will shield your child from side impacts. Plush foam padding and fabric, along with 7 recline positions ensures premium comfort for your child.

The 14-position easy-adjust harness grows along with your child and you can change the height of the seat with just the push of a button – no rethreading necessary. The Marathon car seat can be used rear-facing 5-40 pounds and forward-facing 20-65 pounds, child standing height 49” or less. Car seat dimensions 23” D x 18.5” W x 23.5” H. 14-Position harness slot heights 8.35” to 17.7”. FAA approved.

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Review: thewirecutter

The Britax Marathon ClickTight fared better than any other seat in the side-impact crash-testing we commissioned specifically for this story, and it performed as well as or better than competitor seats in front-impact crash-testing carried out by NHTSA.

It is also the easiest convertible car seat to install that I have ever come across. Britax’s innovative ClickTight system allows you to easily tighten the seat belt to a perfect fit, eliminating the need to use behind-the-seat-cushion latches and drastically reducing the risk of user error in installation.

But while the Britax is unsurpassed in safety and ease of installation—our two top criteria—it’s not as good as some other seats, including our runner-up pick, for extended rear-facing use, and it lacks a cupholder.

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2. Chicco NextFit Convertible

Chicco NextFit Convertible

NextFit® features a 9-position ReclineSure® leveling system and RideRight® bubble level-indicators to help achieve and verify proper angle in the vehicle seat. Premium LATCH connectors and a SuperCinch® force-multiplying tightener help achieve a secure installation with a fraction of the effort.

(When it’s time to switch from rear-facing to forward-facing, the LATCH strap passes easily through the built-in slide path for proper repositioning.) NextFit® also has integrated belt lock-offs for alternate installation with the vehicle seat belt.NextFit® is built for growth with a removable infant insert and a six-position headrest.

As the headrest is raised, the shoulder strap position also raises and widens to accommodate growing children without re-threading. The harness also features a one-pull tightener and removable, machine-washable shoulder pads.

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Review: Reviews

Parents were immediately drawn to the NextFit’s pod-like, contained design in comparison to other, more boxy seats. But the NextFit is hands-down the most practical, too. Its nine recline positions mean that it’s most likely to help you achieve a safe angle of recline for your child, regardless of the size and shape of your car’s back seat.


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3. UPPAbaby MESA Infant

UPPAbaby MESA Infant

The infant car seat: simplified with its unique design and engineering, the Mesa combines safety and simplicity in one.

From easy installation to innovative safety features to one-button stroller release, Mesa has taken the guess work and hassle out of infant car seats.

The Mesa inserts directly into the Vista or Cruz fora performance travel system. For infants 4-35 pounds and up to 32″ in height.

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Another infant car seat that came recommended by parents — like Mei Ling Starkey of the blog Family Entourage — is the Uppababy Mesa. This one has a no-rethread harness, which is a feature that Walker recommended for ease of installation as your child grows up.

“The no-rethread harness is a lovely feature because you don’t have to rethread your harness when your child gets bigger. You pull the tabs to tighten it, and the harness slides right down until it’s right over the child’s shoulder. You can put a tall child in it one day and get a perfect fit, or a tiny, tiny child in it the next day.”

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4. CYBEX Sirona M SensorSafe 2.0

CYBEX Sirona M SensorSafe 2.0

The Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0 is engineered and designed to provide peace of mind when you drive. and when you arrive.

2018 Best of Baby Tech Award Winner for Safety, the Sirona M with SensorSafe 2.0 integrates industry-first smart-tech safety features into the chest clip of the car seat’s 5-point safety harness.

Originally developed to prevent the rising number of infant hot car deaths, SensorSafe 2.0 goes a step further, alerting through the vehicle receiver and the caregiver’s cell phone when A child is accidentally left behind in the car A child unbuckles themselves while the vehicle is in motion.

A child has been seated in the car too long The back seat becomes too hot or too cold SensorSafe 2.0 also provides guidance on installation, how-to videos, FAQ’s and more all through a user-friendly smartphone app.

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Review: digitaltrends

Far be it from us to ever encourage the use of a phone in a car, but there is a new smartphone-connected safety device for new parents that benefits from its mobile compatibility. Meet the Sirona M from Cybex, heralded as the world’s first and only smartphone-synched convertible car seat available, complete with SensorSafe 2.0 technology.

These car seats are appropriate for babies or children who weigh up to 65 pounds (or about four years old). While it doesn’t require you to use your smartphone while you’re driving, it will send parents useful alerts, including when a child is accidentally left in the car, or unbuckles him or herself from the car seat.

Plus, the smart car seat can also detect when the back of the car has become too hot or too cold, or if a child has been sitting still for too long.

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5. Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible

Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible

The Advocate ClickTight Convertible Car Seat features the revolutionary ClickTight Installation System, giving you peace of mind that the seat is installed properly. It’s as simple as buckling a seatbelt. Just open the front of the seat, feed the seatbelt through the indicated path, buckle, click the seat shut, and secure the tether.

A deep energy-absorbing shell, quick-adjust head protection and exterior side cushions form three layers of side protection – creating the ultimate safety for your child. SafeCell Impact Protection features a steel frame, energy-absorbing base and patented V-shaped tether with staged-release stitches that reduce forward movement during a crash.

The Britax-patented Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator lets you know that your child’s harness is within range of proper tightness with a click.

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Earns our highest marks for its moderate price, scientifically backed safety features, and laser-focused dependability.

Brilliantly engineered to compress in the event of a crash, lowering the child’s center of gravity to keep him/her safe. Easy installation.

Does not have a built-in cup holder like some other top-shelf car seats do, although it does come with a clip-on.

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6. Graco Extend2Fit Convertible

Graco Extend2Fit Convertible

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children ride rear-facing until at least 2 years of age. Extend2Fit features a 4-position extension panel that provides 5” of extra legroom allowing your child to ride safely rear-facing longer. The seat can be used rear-facing from 4-50 lbs. and forward-facing from 22-65 lbs.

The seat features Simply Safe Adjust which allows you to adjust the height of the harness and headrest as your child grows, InRight LATCH for a one-second LATCH attachment and Fuss Free harness storage which holds the buckle out of the way, so it’s easy to get baby in and out.

For additional leg room squeeze the adjustment handle and pull the extender out. Metal and plastic parts may be cleaned with mild soap and cool water.

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Review: thewirecutter

The Graco Extend2Fit performed second to the Britax seat in our side-impact crash-testing, is reasonably easy to install and adjust—though nowhere near as easy as the Britax—and usually costs significantly less. Like the Britax, it has a no-rethread harness which makes adjusting for height quick and easy, and the straps are simple to tighten, too, so a snug fit can be achieved without struggle.

With lower sides that make it easy to take a child in and out of the seat and a maximum weight limit of 50 pounds with a rear install (as opposed to the Britax’s 40), the Graco seat is better than our pick for extended rear-facing use with an older child.

The Extend2Fit was second to the Britax in our side-impact crash-testing, with one of the lowest head injury scores for a forward-facing, side-impact crash. Because the Extend2Fit is a relatively new seat, at publishing time NHTSA did not have forward-facing crash-testing results available.

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7. Evenflo Tribute 5 Convertible

Evenflo Tribute 5 Convertible

The Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat holds a rear-facing infant from 5 – 30 lbs. (height: 19 – 37 inches) and a forward-facing toddler from 22 – 40 lbs. (height: 28 – 40 inches).

The Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat meets or exceeds all applicable Federal Safety Standards, as well as Evenflo’ s Side Impact Test Standard for Structural Integrity, which uses energy levels approximately 2 times the Federal Crash Test Standard for multiple-shoulder harness positions.

The 4 shoulder strap positions on the Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat allow it to accommodate growing children longer, and the easy to access upfront harness adjustment and buckle release makes it convenient for simple harness adjusting.

The energy absorbing foam liner used in the Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat provides added safety at the same time providing extreme comfort for your infant or toddler. Harness covers, buckle covers and a plush head pillow will keep your infant or toddler comfortable during long car trips.

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Provides adequate protection in a bare bones package. Adequate for families on a budget and those who need a car seat only occasionally.

Less bulky than other seats we’ve reviewed. Works well in smaller cars.

Installed seat wiggles from side to side a bit, but this slight movement has no effect on the seat’s federal safety rating.

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8. Graco Contender 65 Convertible

Graco Contender 65 Convertible

The Contender 65 convertible car seat holds a rear-facing infant from 5-40 lbs. and a forward-facing toddler in its 5-point harness from 20-65 lbs.

It easily grows with your child with the Simply Safe Adjust harness system, which automatically adjusts both the harness and headrest height.

The included LATCH and easy-to-read level indicator offers you hassle-free installation. Contender 65 features a removable head and body support, machine-washable seat pad and two buckle positions to help keep your growing child snug and secure. This seat is Safe Seat Engineered which includes Side Impact Testing and features EPS foam.

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Review: Reviews

We liked that the Contender has the easy-to-adjust no-rethread harness and comfortable padding to compete with our top picks — for $160 less than the Chicco. The padding is also machine-washable, unlike the Britax, which our parent testers thought was a huge plus.

The Contender was also the lightest car seat we tested, coming in at 10 lbs lighter than our other two top picks. This makes it a great fit for parents who might be moving the seat among cars often or plan to travel regularly by plane with their child.

In a few areas, the Contender received average or below average ease-of-use ratings from NHTSA. Most notably, its manual excludes instructions for using LATCH — both rear and forward facing installation requires you to twist its LATCH attachments to remove it from the vehicle anchors, which might be harder if you have large hands.

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9. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant

The 1-rated Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat is engineered with innovative features that make it the easiest infant car seat to install simply, accurately, and securely every time. The KeyFit 30’s stay-in-car base has a ReclineSure leveling foot and two RideRight bubble level-indicators to help achieve and verify proper angle in the vehicle seat. The base is also equipped with premium LATCH connectors and a SuperCinch tightener for a secure fit with a fraction of the effort!

For alternate installation with the vehicle seat belt, clear belt routing and integrated lock-offs make it easy to position, tighten and lock the belt into place. A smooth underside helps protect vehicle seats from damage. The car seat carrier includes removable head and body support to accommodate newborns as small as 4 pounds.

A five-point harness with one-pull tightening helps keep baby secure, and the carrier shell is lined with EPS energy-absorbing foam for improved impact protection. An adjustable, removable canopy provides shade from the sun.

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And if you want something slightly more affordable in the $200 range, the Chicco KeyFit has excellent reviews, and was also a favorite among the parents I surveyed for its ease of installation.

Allyson Downey — who runs a consumer review site for child and baby essentials called WeeSpring — says that for her first child, she bought the Chicco KeyFit after doing extensive research “because it had outstanding reviews.”

Lauren Brown, Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital’s lead car-seat safety specialist, says the seat is a popular choice among parents she works with, too, because the brand has a YouTube video that shows parents exactly how to install it in their car.

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10. Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible

Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible

Give your child a comfy lift with the Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat. Perfect for smaller cars or for extra space in your larger vehicle, this LATCH-equipped car seat accommodates children from 5 to 40 pounds in rear-facing mode and from 22 to 65 pounds in forward-facing mode.

Adjust the five-point harness from the front of the car seat. Side-impact protection built into this infant car seat keeps your little one extra secure. Three of these car seats can fit side-by-side in the back seat of most cars, perfect for growing families and carpools.

Removable body pillows ensure that your little one sits comfortably in the car seat, while a removable cup holder keeps a drink close by. This car seat meets or exceeds federal, ASTM, and JPMA safety standards and includes a one-year limited warranty.

Safety 1st believes parenting should have fewer worries and more joyful moments. As the first and only leader in child safety, Safety 1st is here to give you peace of mind so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying every first you experience with your child.

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McCabe says this Safety 1st convertible car seat is another popular choice for traveling. It weighs 14 pounds, and has a higher weight limit in rear-facing mode, meaning you can keep your child rear-facing for longer.

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