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15 Best Ideas To Create Viral Videos On YouTube

The success of the channel on YouTube is directly related to the quality and frequency of publishing content. The more often you upload videos to your blog, the more lively it looks in the eyes of your subscribers.

But, to adhere to the plan of regular publications is not always possible. For example, if you do not have ideas and inspiration.

In this article I will bring 15 crazy ideas for video on YouTube, using which you can fill your channel with truly quality and most importantly, viral content.

1. Unusual Facts About You, Your Brand Or Business

A simple list of facts is a fairly common thing, encountered at every step.

But we need viral content.

What can you do in this case?

To interest your audience with something completely unusual. Tell them the facts that will make the listener very surprised. And seriously get interested in you / your product / your successful business.

Try it. It’s not difficult, is it?


2. One Day Of Your Life Shot On Camera

Let’s continue the topic.

A personal diary, definitely, it’s a cool thing.


We all love to watch other people’s lives. For example, the same Instagram stories. A person shares his life with his subscribers every day.

How a person is pleased with the fact that his life is interesting to others; and other people like to watch real life.

Public blogs love all people. Especially when they are made in the format of a vlog.

So why not do such a thing?

And you can go, as you understand, a little further.

Record one full day of your life. You can also use an action camera attached to the head or you can use a camera for youtube, the main thing is to shot from the first person. So people will have the effect of immersion. And if the day is still saturated, then this video will definitely be in the top on YouTube and will beat all records of views.

So, I highly recommend to check something like best vlogging cameras reviews, to find what you can do with your future vlog. I’m pretty sure you’ll find best for you.


3. Non-Standard Review Of The Film, Book, Concert Etc

Do you see how everyone get bored with the usual reviews of many bloggers?


The answer is simple.

In essence, everything is the same. Bored topics, passing from one ordinary blogger to the same ordinary youtuber.

The real chaos of the same material. In general, nothing new, and most importantly, really unique. Something that could be remembered by the viewer.

And who prevents you from creating a truly unique and non-standard content?

Make a review that no one can repeat. Be creative and unique. Create something that has never existed before you. And then success will be already provided to you. Even at the stage of creating a video.


4. A Funny Moment From Your Life

Let’s remember how we gathered in the childhood by the noisy merry companies from someone at home. In each such team, there was a kind of leader, one who could draw the attention of other guys to himself.

Each such person stands out prominently on the background of the others. Someone is cool playing the guitar. And someone beautifully tells the most different stories of life.

Listening to such a storyteller is a pleasure. The advice that we give you is very simple. Tell the story. The coolest story that has ever happened to you. People love nice stories. And they like to hear these stories even more.

And in this way, you can attract the attention of so many people. In a word, become the most interesting storyteller on YouTube.


5. Report From The Insane Events

Create Viral Videos On YouTube_Pic2

Imagine for a minute that we have a ticket to anywhere in the world. And there is an opportunity to fly to absolutely any place, without visas, with any amount of money – in general, a traveler paradise.

Vlogger will buy a ticket to the most ordinary place. We need thrills. Let’s go to political strikes. Or for a massive sporting event. Yes, so that we will be right in the middle of the action. A cool opportunity, is not it?

Any vlog, filmed in any busy place, will come “with a bang” to everyone. Because any viewer will find for himself something really worthwhile and entertaining in it.

The main thing – do not be shy and do not close from the world, but with a head to plunge into everything that you see around. Believe me, it’s definitely worth it to do. Then you will remember this event whole life and rejoice.


6. Unusual Prank

Each of us once in his life fell into awkward situations.

And if not everyone liked it, let’s be honest. This situation often caused a good smile among the surrounding people. Agree that we all, without exception, like to observe the reaction of people who are in an embarrassing situation.

It’s fun, funny and just a lot of emotions.

Prank one of your friends. And better, if you do this on a camera or even a few cameras, you will shoot a great video, and then upload it all on the YouTube.

Friends are not too offended if they understand that they caused a thousand people to laugh and smile. Perhaps, you will get a masterpiece video with sincere emotions.
And this is always very appreciated.


7. Street Survey

Here everything is quite simple.

First, sit down in the evening (morning, afternoon, when you want), you must have a couple of free hours. Take a piece of paper, a pen, and write a list of non-standard questions.

It is advisable to come up with at least 30 questions so that you can then choose from. Imagine yourself to random passers-by.

What questions would cause you a shock? Have thought up? Well, the first part of your case is ready.

Go ahead.

Now comes the second part, the most important.

You must go out and start asking people these questions. Even if you want to laugh at the questions themselves, or some of them cause a real brain explosion, you still catch people and ask these questions to each of them. Here, as they say, the right approach is important.

Work it out in advance.

And remember that the most fun things happen quite by chance. So do not be afraid.


8. Interview Unusual People

Look for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

Those people whose thinking is different. Whose clothes cause admiration for their boldness, and style and manners really surprise.

These guys are worthy of that people will know about them. Do not hesitate to ask them anything. Even the most unusual questions will be, as they say, for good.

You will need to do at least 10 interviews. And the places must be absolutely different. As well as people. So you make the most diverse content. And it will be very cool.


9. A Video In Which You Can Not Talk

Imagine the situation that your mouth is sealed with tape. And you can not utter a phrase.

It’s just impossible to do!

It would seem that the situation is completely hopeless. And now let’s think, what can be done in this case?

Gestures, symbols, etc. non-verbal communication comes to the good.

Then everything immediately becomes clear. The video itself should be about something, but without any words at all.

For example about winter, summer, autumn, spring, about helping other people – in general, then your fantasy, will have enough. The choice of the topic is not limited – the main thing is that it should be as original as possible.


10. The Challenge (To Eat A Lemon, Cinnamon, Give Out Balls To Passers-By, Smile To Everyone)

Create Viral Videos On YouTube_3

Here, too, everything is quite simple.

The crazier the idea, the more you will eventually have video views.

Try different things.

And these things should be very non-standard.

To be honest, life is generally quite boring. So try to make it as fun and as rich as possible. In old age, you will remember all your already gone opportunities. And when each of us will look back at the past, it will be very important for him to understand that all crazy desires have been realized.


11. 20 Seconds Challenge – Any Task In 20 Seconds

The essence is simple.

You must do any task strictly at the set time interval. And not a second more.

There are a lot of ideas.

And the ability to beautifully implement them – even more.

And better – to come up with ideas, then take a few friends, and shoot on the video, as they try to implement these ideas. It will be really cool!


12. Review The Contents Of Your Smartphone

Show subscribers the programs and applications that you use.

Tell us what problems from your life are solved with the help of these programs and applications.

Perhaps one of your subscribers will tell you a more effective solution.


We really need viral content. Therefore, do not hesitate to show all your latest photos, videos, written notes to the public – in a word, something that will really interest people.

Everyone is interested in the life story of another person.


13. Any 31 Items That You Have In Your Room

After laying out your most interesting and exciting day of life with the GoPro camera, you can immediately, without parting with the camera, make another interesting video.

As you can already guess from the title, its essence is to find 31 items in your room and give each a little description.

Everything sounds pretty simple and easy.

It would seem that the task is not very difficult. However, after 31 actions you will have a decent list of different things.

And now it will be really interesting.

Especially if you look to a couple of your friends and make a similar review on the room. I’m sure that the audience will definitely not be indifferent to this.


14. Training Video

A tutorial in any area is very useful.

It’s always nice to share your knowledge, experience as well as various tricks and tricky chips with your audience.

In addition, you will do a very useful job. People always and everywhere like it when they are taught something.

We all went to colleges and universities. And free-form training, when you can take a break at any time, is a very cool thing.

In addition, if you are a professional in any industry, it’s time to make money on this. Share personal experience, knowledge (theory and practice), and it is available to train the audience.

The key word is availability.

Your lessons should be built as easily as possible for any viewer.


15. Unpacking Purchases

Create Viral Videos On YouTube_Pic1

Is it trite?

But it is not so.

We all know that people are interested in what others use. In particular, this applies to women. We are by nature very curious.

Unpacking is always of interest to any person. Try to show your audience what you recently bought. No matter what kind of product you have, new clothes, or a new smartphone – I’m more than sure, many like this video very much, and you, accordingly, get a lot of questions related to your purchase.

And at the same time, they will start talking about you, a new audience will be added – no one will be hindered by new people, right?

Make the coolest video of unpacking a new product. If you just bought a new iPhone Xs, uncheck how you unpack it, show in detail all the accessories.

Such videos will be very useful for users since they will be able to decide whether to purchase this item. They may also be interested in your reaction to unpacking the purchase, especially if they do not have the opportunity to purchase it.



Summing up, you can only say that it all depends on your creativity. Remember that you will not like a boring life.

Create really interesting moments, and then your videos will have real success with the audience!

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