Document Your Travel Abroad

7 Creative Ways To Document Your Travel Abroad

When you are traveling overseas, you will undoubtedly have a lot of memorable experiences. However, the unforgettable details such as meeting new people, the food, the smell, the sight, and every experience during your travel, can fade with memory.

That is why documenting your travel is necessary, so that you can relive those unforgettable experiences later in life. So, what are the fun ways to document your travels? Here are some of them.

1. Start Your Selfie Series

Your Selfie

Start an artistic way to capture yourself during your travels. You are probably looking for the best opportunities to share your love for graffiti, your first bite of local food, your experience as you visit some historical landmarks, and other activities that you can do during your trip.

Also, documenting would become more entertaining and easier if you bring a friend with you. So, if you plan on going on a trip soon, don’t forget to tell your friends about it.


2. Record Short Videos

A lot of travelers record some short videos during their travel because they do not know when their vacation is over. One way to add life to those small videos is to put them together using the available apps on Android or iOS.

These particular applications also allow you to add text and special effects in your videos, which undoubtedly makes your documentation more entertaining.

3. Collect Local Items

Collect Local Items

Another way to document your journey is to collect local items to put in your scrapbook when you get home.

These local items can be as simple as the ticket stubs, restaurant menu, or anything small enough to fit on a scrapbook page. Also, do not remember to include some labels or a couple of sentences to tell a story behind those items.


4. Start A Travel Blog

Starting a blog does not need to be difficult or demand much technical expertise because you can set up anytime you want to share with your friends and family.

One great thing about blogging is the opportunity to utilize all your photos or videos. To some, blogging is their way of making money, while others use it as a part of their portfolio, SEO, or social media purposes.


5. Start A Travel Vlog

Travel Planner

If you are not into a writing tool and photography to document your travel experiences, then starting a vlog is an excellent option. Setting up a vlog do not need state of the art equipment because a phone camera can execute the trick with the help of free and available apps for editing.

There are a lot of travelers who use vlogs that could inspire you. So, if you have a smartphone that has a nice camera with you, then everything will be easy.


6. Instagram Stories

Do you and your friends use social media consistently? Then you can consider posting a few highlights of your travel using Instagram story. These swift little stories will allow your followers to know what you’re up to and let you have something that you can look back on.

So, if you want to remember some of your unforgettable travel moments someday, do not forget to save your stories and simply open your Instagram profile whenever you need to look at them.


7. Souvenirs


If you have extra space in your luggage, collecting souvenirs are an excellent way to remember all the countries or cities you visited during your trip.

These items do not have to be pricey because key rings or fridge magnets are already priceless pieces. Also, collecting souvenirs is a lovely way to remember your travels every day instantly.


To Conclude

All of us know that it is fun to remember the memories of our travels. So, instead of merely relying on memories, it is always delightful to have some kind of visual reminder to relive those fun experiences.

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