Cute Quotes For New Perspective

50+ Cute Quotes For New Perspective On Love & Happiness

1. If You Don’t Follow Your Heart, You Might Spend The Rest Of Your Life Wishing You Had.



2. Courage Is Knowing What Not To Fear.


3. One Day, You Will Wake Up And There Won’t Be Any More Time To Do The Things You’ve Always Wanted. Do It Now.


4. It’s A Funny Thing About Life If You Refuse To Accept Anything But The Best, You Very Often Get It. – W. Somerset Maugham


5. The Happiest People Don’t Have The Best Of Everything, They Just Make The Best Of Everything.



6. We Were Together. I Forget The Rest. – Walt Whitman


7. Cute Is When A Person’s Personality Shines Through Their Looks.– Natalie Portman


8. Don’t Try To Be What You’re Not. If You’re Nervous, Be Nervous. If You’re Shy, Be Shy. Its Cute.– Adriana Lima


9. Always Wear Cute Pajamas To Bed, You’ll Never Know Who U Will Meet In Your Dreams. – Joel Madden


10. I Don’t Think You Can Define Love. – Harry Styles



11. There’s Nothing That Can Help You Understand Your Beliefs More Than Trying To Explain Them To An Inquisitive Child. – Frank A. Clark


12. Life Is A Succession Of Lessons Which Must Be Lived To Be Understood. – Helen Keller


13. Life Must Be Lived As Play. – Plato


14. Whatever You Are, Be A Good One. – Abraham Lincoln


15. I Don’t Get Cute, I Get Drop-Dead Gorgeous. – Alyssa Edwards



16. Walking With A Friend In The Dark Is Better Than Walking Alone In The Light. – Helen Keller


17. To Love Oneself Is The Beginning Of A Lifelong Romance. – Oscar Wilde


18. Things Change, People Change, But You Will Always Be You, So Stay True To Yourself And Never Sacrifice Who You Are For Anyone. – Zayn Malik


19. Life Is Like Music It Must Be Composed By Ear, Feeling, And Instinct, Not By Rule. – Samuel Butler


20. The Chief Danger In Life Is That You May Take Too Many Precautions. – Alfred Adler



21. Love Does Not Begin And End The Way We Seem To Think It Does. Love Is A Battle, Love Is A War Love Is A Growing Up. – James Baldwin


22. Life Is A Great Big Canvas, And You Should Throw All The Paint You Can On It. – Danny Kaye


23. In The Arena Of Human Life The Honors And Rewards Fall To Those Who Show Their Good Qualities In Action. – Aristotle


24. He Who Is Not Everyday Conquering Some Fear Has Not Learned The Secret Of Life – Ralph Waldo Emerson


25. Love Is The Triumph Of Imagination Over Intelligence. – G. Elliot



26. There Is No Value In Life Except What You Choose To Place Upon It And No Happiness In Any Place Except What You Bring To It Yourself. – Henry David Thoreau


27. Where There Is Love There Is Life. – Indira Gandhi


28. The Most Important Thing Is To Enjoy Your Life  To Be Happy  It’s All That Matters. – Audrey Hepburn


29. The Indispensable First Step To Getting The Things You Want Out Of Life Is This: Decide What You Want. – Ben Stein


30. Cute Is When A Person’s Personality Shines Through Their Looks. Like In The Way They Walk, Every Time You See Them You Just Want To Run Up And Hug Them. – Natalie Portman



31. There Are Three Ingredients To The Good Life Learning, Earning, And Yearning. – Christopher Morley


32. If You Give Your Life As A Wholehearted Response To Love, Then Love Will Wholeheartedly Respond To You. – Marianna Williamson


33. Life Isn’t A Matter Of Milestones, But Of Moments. – Rose Kennedy


34. Confidence Is Very Sexy. You Could Be Not Cute At All And Have Such Confidence. – Kirsten Dunst


35. Some Days I Think I Look Kind Of Cute, But Other Days I Try To Avoid The Mirror. – David Alan Grier



36. I’ve Never Been That Cute Kid That Was Forgiven For Being Naughty. – Richard C. Armitage


37. I Read That When Cats Are Cuddling And Kneading You, And You Think It’s Cute, They’re Really Just Checking Your Vitals For Weak Spots. – Kandyse Mcclure


38. In Every Living Thing There Is The Desire For Love. – D.H. Lawrence


39. The Good Life Is One Inspired By Love And Guided By Knowledge. – Bertrand Russell


40. Life Is The Flower For Which Love Is The Honey. – Victor Hugo



41. Most Of Me Was Glad When My Mother Died. She Was A Handful, But Not In A Cute, Festive Way. More In A Life-Threatening Way, That Had Caused Me A Long Time Ago To Give Up All Hope Of Ever Feeling Good About Having Had Her As A Mother. – Anne Lamott


42. Goats Are Really Cute, Especially Little Ones. But They Do Smell A Little Bit. – Jacob Tremblay


43. If God Had Wanted Us To Be Concerned For The Plight Of The Toads, He Would Have Made Them Cute And Furry. – Dave Barry


44. I Like Either Skinny Jeans Or The Ripped, Casual, Super-Sloppy Boyfriend Jeans. A Lot Of Ripped Jeans. They Are So Early 2000, But They Are So Cute, I Love Them. I Love Surfer Jeans, Too! – Ariana Grande


45. There Are Certain Expectations That Are Put On You As A Child Actor, But Mainly It’s Just Turn Up And Say Your Lines With A Lot Of Energy And A Cute Smile. – Naomie Harris



46. Make Eye Contact With Cute Strangers. Give Guys Your Email. Email Is Safer Than A Number, Or At Least It Feels That Way. – Nikki Glaser


47. I Like Looking Cute. So I Want To Look Cute In The Water. – Alana Blanchard


48. Could I See Myself With A British Boyfriend? Absolutely. The Way They Wear Their Pants Is So Cute. Guys Don’t Do It In America. Their Style Is Cute. I Just Feel Like Brits Are Honest – Period. And That’s What I Like. – Kelly Rowland


49. I Think Every Cute Girl Is Told To Move To L.A. Someday. So I Do Like The Drive Over From My House To The Studio. – Blake Shelton


50. No One Forgets Their First Love. You’re Experiencing All Those Endorphins And All That Dopamine And That Obsession With One Another For The Very First Time In Your Life, So It Makes It That Much More Cute. – James Marsden



51. I’d Much Rather Be A Woman Than A Man. Women Can Cry, They Can Wear Cute Clothes, And They’re The First To Be Rescued Off Sinking Ships. – Gilda Radner


52. When A Guy Tells Me I’m Cute, It’s Not Something Desirable. Cute Is More Like What You Want Your Pet To Be.– Natalie Portman


53. Cute Accessories Always Help Bring Out Your Outfit And Pull It All Together. – Ciara


54. If You Are A Skinny, Baby-Faced Teenager, The Last Thing You Want To Hear Is That You’re Cute.– Jamie Dornan


55. You Don’t Need Really Expensive Clothes To Look Cute. – Christy Romano



56. I Was Born Fat And Have Always Been, Which Was Just Fine And Even Healthy And Cute Until I Turned Ten Or So. Puberty Hit Like A Hurricane And Brought A New Set Of Rules. All Of A Sudden It Was My Fault I Was Chubby. – Beth Ditto


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