David Dobrik Net Worth : How Much Money Does David Dobrik Make Off YouTube?

David Dobrik is a well known YouTube celeb, actor and a judge. He is popularly known as the leader of the Vlog Squad. He started initially with Vine before he started his venture with his YouTube channel.

In the year 2020, David Dobrik estimated net worth is $7 million dollars.

He was born on 23rd July 1996 and has two younger sisters. His sister also has a YouTube channel but david is not supportive of his sister’s career choice and has declined to promote her channel socially.

His real journey started on April 3, 2013 when he came out with his first video clip on six second comedy video app – Vine.

Once he attained some good followers on Vine, he shifted his base to YouTube.  Since that time collaboration channels were quite popular, thus he joined Second class which was jointly run by five people.

Very soon by the end of 2014, he created his very own channel. He created a vlog squad too in order to gain more popularity.

His superb working style and editing skills gained him million subscribers quite quickly. in 2017, he came up with a second channel, David Dobrik.

In this he posted many videos which were not related to his comedy part. They were more of bloopers, challenge videos and all. Quickly he gained 4.6 million people. At present David Dobrik net worth is estimated to be 47 million dollars.

Some Of The Major Highlights Of His Career Are –

  • 13.9 Million Subscribers on YouTube (2019)
  • “We Broke Up” (YouTube Video, 2018, 57 Million Views)

Life Lessons From David Dobrik–

  • Dominancy – Try to be dominant and then only you will be able to get a massive amount of followers. This will increase your confidence and their love.
  • Happiness – It is very important to be happy. This will teach you the real meaning of success and life.
  • Leaders – It is very important that the thing you love, you should be able to lad it as well.


David Dobrik has more than 14 million subscribers on his youtube channel and more than 1 million subscriber on Vine. He has been dominating the social circle since a very long time.

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