100 Deep Questions To Ask To Connect With Your Partner On A More Intimate Level

Deep questions to ask if you want to get to know someone on a deeper level, are truly powerful.

Not only do such questions help you understand a person better, but designed to start a deep conversation, these can literally bring you closer together by building trust and mutual understanding. An open and honest conversation helps you establish an immediate connection with someone special, which ultimately lets you delve a little deeper understanding, compassion and

Here are 100 deep questions to ask your partner to connect with them on a more intimate level that helps you connect to someone with a deeper sense of understanding and open love.

1. How Much Have We Changed Since Our First Date?


2. Would You Relocate For Love?


3. What Is The Strangest Dream You’ve Ever Had?


4. Have You Had Your Heart Broken? Tell Me Everything.


5. Have You Ever Cried Tears Of Joy?


6. Where Do You Think Happiness Comes From?


7.  What’s Your Favorite Music? How Does It Make You Feel?


8.  What Do You Dream About When It Comes To Our Future?


9. What’s The Most Memorable Lesson You’ve Ever Learned?


10. Where Is Your Favorite Place In The Entire World To Go?

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11. What Song Makes You Unconditionally Sad?


12. What Qualities Do You Wish You Had That You Don’t?


13. Would You Like To Be Immortal?


14. Where Do You Find Meaning In Your Life?


15. If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself What Would It Be?


16. What Have You Always Wanted To Ask Me?


17.  What’s One Thing You Wish You Knew How To Do?


18. What Are Some Of Your Favorite Songs?


19. What’s Your Biggest Weakness?


20. How Do You Like To Show Your Love?


21. What Obstacles Are Currently Trying To Overcome?


22. Are You More Into Looks Or Brains?


23. How Much Do You Value Love?


24. What Is Your Biggest Accomplishment?


25. What’s The Most Important Thing That They Don’t Teach In School?

26. When Was The Last Time You Really Pushed Yourself To Your Physical Limits?


27.  Are You Priorities Different Now Than What They Were In The Past?


28. What Issue In Politics Or Society Is Most Important To You?


29. What Is The Most Romantic And Loving Thing You Have Ever Done For Somebody?


30. If You Could Eradicate Pain From Your Life, Do Would You?

31. If I Asked You At Age 5 What You Wanted To Be When You Grew Up, What Would You Say?


32. When Do You Think A Person Is Ready For Marriage?


33. Have You Ever Been In Love? Tell Me About The Times You Have Been.


34. If Your Life Was A Movie Or A Book What Would Be The Title To It?


35. If You Could Change One Thing About The World What Would It Be?

36. Where Do You Think We Go When We Die?


37. If You Could Be Given The Date Of Your Death Would You Want To Know It?


38. What Do You Read About On A Daily Basis?


39. If Heaven Is Real And You Died Tomorrow, Would You Get In?


40. What Shared Memory Do You Love More Than All Others?

41. What’s The Biggest Difference Between You And Your Family?


42. Do You Believe In Fate?


43. Did You Think This Relationship Would Be Short Or Long When We Started?


44. What’s The Political Issue That Makes You Most Angry?


45. Would You Find More Comfort In The Theoretical Idea That That We Were The Most Advanced Species In Outer Space Or Would You Find More Comfort In The Idea That We Weren’t?

46. What Do You Think Of Best Friends Of The Opposite Sex?


47. Show Me A Music Track Or A Scene From A Film That Made You Tear Up.

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48. Are Soulmates Real?


49.  Is It Worse To Fail Or Never Try At All?


50. Do You Think Your Dreams Have Meaning?

51. What Does Love Mean To You?


52. What Kind Of Parent Do You Think You Will Be?


53. What’s Your Favorite Hobby To Do Alone?


54. What’s Something That You Hate Seeing Other People Do?


55. What Trait Do You Envy In Others?

56. What Do You Think Happens After Death, If Anything?


57. Do You Believe In Fate?


58. Have You Always Had The Same Political Beliefs? Is There Something That Impacted Them?


59. If You Could Get A Free Roundtrip Ticket With Me To Anywhere Right Now, Where Would It Be?


60. What’s The Most Exciting Thing That’s Happened This Past Year?

61. If We Break Up Tomorrow, What Would You Miss The Most?


62. Do You Believe In Marriage?


63. What’s One Thing That Bothers You Most About The World Today?


64. What Makes You Feel Like You Need To Be Alone?


65. Do You Think Porn Is A Good Thing Or A Bad Thing?

66. When Have You Felt Your Biggest Adrenaline Rush?


67. What’s Your Anti-motto?


68. Does Your Job Make You Happy?


70. What Impression Do You Want To Give When You First Meet Them? What Type Of Personality?

71. What Fictional Character Do You Most Relate To?


72. If You Could Have Anybody Else’s Life, Who’s Would You Take?


73. What’s Something You’d Be Embrassed About If People Found Out You Did It?


74. What Are Three Things You Value Most About A Person?

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75. Do You Believe In True Love?

76. Would You Rather Be Loved Or Love?


77. Name The One Worst Quality You Cannot Tolerate In A Partner.


78. Out Of The Negative Emotions Of Greed, Anger, Jealousy And Hate, Which One Would You Say Affects You The Most?


79. Are We “born” To Meet Our “other Half”?


80. What Is Our Funniest Memory Together?

81. Which Difference Do We Both Share That You Can’t Get Enough Of?


82. Where’s One Place You’d Like To Go That You Haven’t Been?


83. When In Your Life Have You Felt Awe?


85. Have You Ever Cried Tears Of Joy?

86. How Would Your Best Friend Describe You In Five Words?


87. What Is The First Thing You Think Of When You Hear The Word “home”?


88. What Song Makes You Unconditionally Happy?


89. What’s The Most Important Value You Would Teach A Young Person?


90. How Do You Think People See You?

91. What Makes You Feel Uneasy? Overwhelmed? Anxious?


92 Who Are The People You Could Trust Your Life With?


93. What Makes You Feel Accomplished?


94. What Made You Choose The College You Went To?


95. What Do You Love/hate About Your Culture?

96. What Is One Dream You Have Yet To Accomplish?


97. Do You Like To Be Alone? What Do You Like To Do When You’re Alone?


98. Who Is More Loving Between Us?


99. How Do You Calm Yourself Down? Any Tools Or Techniques?

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100. What’s Your Philosophy In Life?


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