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Best 5 Digital Marketing Channels For Your Brand In 2022

Ever since Google and Facebook attracted millions of users to their online platforms, brands also started deviating their marketing efforts from traditional to digital marketing. In 2022, the number of digital platforms has increased and marketers need a complete marketing strategy that involves all platforms. Read this informative blog on the best 5 digital marketing channels that can help you create brand awareness through digital marketing.

How To Choose The Digital Marketing Channels For Your Brand?

As a business, you can either choose one channel or multiple digital marketing channels for your digital marketing strategies (Main Link, Do-follow). One mistake that a lot of brands commit is choosing the digital marketing channels with the most userbase and then not seeing any long-term results. Here are the top factors that you must consider before choosing digital marketing channels for your brand-


It is important that your target audience and the target audience of the digital marketing channels match. For example, if your product caters to a young audience then Instagram is the perfect platform.

Type Of Business

Identify what is your business- B2B, B2C, or D2C as it will give you a clear indication of which digital marketing channels are suitable. For example, B2B businesses often opt for LinkedIn as their primary marketing channel as it is created to promote such businesses.

Type Of Content

The kind of content you wish to promote is also a deciding factor when choosing the digital marketing channels for your marketing strategy. If you wish for the user to view audio/visuals of your product, then photo-sharing apps such as Facebook and Instagram deem to be a good fit and if you wish to be descriptive with your content, then you can write blogs and publish on Google.

Once you have checked all the criteria, you will be able to easily choose the correct digital marketing channels for your brand that will show you long-term results. Now, let’s discuss the best 5 digital marketing channels for your brand in 2022.

Best 5 Digital Marketing Channels For Your Brand In 2022

We all have witnessed a jump in the number of digital marketing channels, especially after the pandemic. Let’s look at the best 5 digital marketing channels for your brand in 2022 and why should you choose them?


Google has often been named the spine of digital marketing when it comes to SEO. Having a website on Google, a platform used by 4.3 billion people globally, gives your brand a sense of authority, credibility, and authenticity. Your website can include sections that speak about your brand story, products/services you sell, and blogs on different topics related to your niche.

Although Google seems tricky you should always start your digital marketing strategy with Google so that your potential customers can locate you, contact you, and know about you before interacting with you.


More than 1 billion people globally use Instagram to get connected with stories and people from all around the world. While Instagram was initially just a photo-sharing platform, with the emergence of Influencer Marketing (no-follow), it has become a place of social commerce and branding.

After creating the ‘reel’ feature, Instagram has seen a surge in engagement and this can be the perfect opportunity for your brand to get viral. You can also collaborate with like-minded influencers, asking them to promote your brand and use their followers as your leads. Today, every brand is focusing on Instagram as Meta is trying to make it more business-friendly with Ads starting from $1 a day.


Youtube is a video-sharing platform and also the world’s second-most visited website. Initially, when people started creating daily videos on Youtube, the platform started paying them and then began the brand endorsements.

You can either collaborate with Youtubers for product reviews or you can create your quality and unique videos for users to watch. Youtube Ads are also a big part of the paid marketing plan and hence Youtube is one of the most integral digital marketing channels.


If you have a B2B business, then LinkedIn is one of the best digital marketing channels for you. LinkedIn helps you create a brand reputation, and increase website traffic and leads. LinkedIn is also a great platform for the top leadership of your brand to create thought leadership and an inspiring profile that directly adds to the brand’s value.


With Facebook, you can reach a wider range of audiences that helps you increase a brand’s visibility. Facebook is a platform for both B2C and B2B businesses and both can benefit from more lead generation and sales. Apart from organic marketing, Facebook Ads is also popular for showing fast results and engagement.

Since Facebook and Instagram are under Meta now, you can post the same content from Instagram to Facebook in just a click. So you can choose this combination of digital marketing channels in your marketing strategy.

Where Can You Learn Digital Marketing?

Do you want to improve your skills? With the vast scope that digital marketing has to offer, it is critical to continue learning. Any type of digital marketing certification or intensive courses would add value to your resume and help you stand out from the crowd.

An advanced digital marketing course must include the following modules:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Web Analytics

After you understand the concept of digital marketing, it will become easy for you to create a marketing strategy involving any of the above mentioned digital marketing channels.


Choosing the right combination of digital marketing channels that can be utilized to send out a consistent brand message is difficult. Nonetheless, hope this blog helps you choose the right digital marketing channels that help you boost website traffic and engagement!

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