Digital Strategy For Social Business And Next Generation Mobile copy

Digital Strategy For Social Business And Next Generation Mobile

There is significant impedance between the way digital business works and the way many companies still operate. Powered by the social media and next generation mobile, the web is bringing broad changes in digital business strategy.

However, traditional businesses don’t seem to be ready to explore the tremendous opportunities that the Web has to offer. This explains why they have a dramatically lower level of maturity around digital delivery of capabilities than native Web firms.

When it comes to social media and next-generation mobile, traditional businesses are still only engaging peripherally in these areas.

“They are the proverbial digital immigrants often significantly behind the curve compared to their Web native counterparts”, says Dion Hinchcliffe, who happens to be a well-known enterprise architect, author, blogger, and business strategist.

Big Picture Of Social Business Strategy
  • Connect your digital strategy with social business and next-gen mobility instead of implementing it side-by-side or in a vacuum
  • Digital strategy picture of today’s business landscape must be complex and nuanced

Have a look at the picture which gives you an up-to-date representation of the major moving parts of a modern digital strategy:

Digital Strategy

The Elements Of Digital Strategy

Exploring the visual conception of digital strategy, Mr Dion Hinchcliffe talks about various interconnected elements and how they reinforce each other. Important among them are:

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is typically the easiest and least risky to start with and is increasingly affecting all areas of digital strategy.

Demand Generation: demand generation consists of targeted digital awareness efforts to drive an understanding and interest in a product or service.

Search Engine Optimization And Search Engine Marketing: With huge amount of content being created, SEO has an important role to play to make content readily discoverable.SEM is the marketing aspect of SEO to promote Web sites and content.

The list prepared by him also includes these elements:

  • Social Networking Services (SNS) Apps
  • Online Advertising
  • Consumer Social Media
  • Social CRM
  • Customer Communities
  • Community Management
  • Affiliate Portals and Communities
  • Innovation Management and Crowdsourcing
  • Workforce Collaboration

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