Dog GIFs

40+ Dog GIFs So Funny To Make You Cry Of Laughter

Dogs are lovable creatures and also a man’s best friend. But what happens when this fun-loving creature goes berserk. Well, it gives rise to a situation of total mayhem as can be seen from these adorable pics below. Have a look and let us know don’t you agree.

1. We Tried To Jump But I Failed, Ouch.


2. Another Lame Attempt At Jumping.


3. A Lesson Learned The Hard Way.


4. An On And Off Fight.


5. When You Are Just Too Sleepy.


6. Are You Asking Me Something?


7. I Need To Remove This Thing From My Leg.


8. Oh, No There I Go Again.


9. Yes, I Love Noodles Too.


10. When You Get Up In The Middle Of Your Sleep.


11. So, Are My New Shoes Lovely?


12. Finally, I Get My Dinner.


13. I Am Here To Take My Revenge, Beware.


14. Well, I Am Weight Conscious Too.


15. Can’t Have Enough Of The Bones.


16. Do You Like My Dance?


17. Did The Lightning Strike?


18. I Can Smell Something Burning.


19. Topsy Turvy World.


20. Give Me My Clothes Back.


21. Here I Am.


22. I Tried But Failed Again.


23. Can You Please Adjust A Bit?


24. Wrong-way Of Coming Down.


25. May I Also Share?


26. Well, Can I Fit In Somehow?


27. I Look Gorgeous, Don’t I?


28. Everyone Loves Me.


29. Leave Me Alone.


30. Coming Down Slowly.


31. I Am A Rock Fan.


32. Here Comes The Leader.


33. I Like My New Tongue Piece.


34. A Fall Gone Really Bad.


35. Thankfully No More Baths.


36. Why Did You Not Tell Me About Screen Doors?


37. Enjoying My Food.


38. The Deadly Kiss.


39. Love My Kiss, Come Back Again.


40. When Pooping Is More Important Than Performing In A Show.


41. So What I Am Sleepy.


42. Can You Find Me?


43. Please Catch Me.


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