How to increase website traffic

17 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website In 2022

Most businesses find it challenging to think of new ways to get more traffic to their website. There is loads of misinformation about how you can get more visitors. As a result, marketers end up using the same marketing strategies, resulting in them not getting any significant results.

Good thing is that there are effective steps to keep you going in your endeavor to gain higher site traffic. These simple steps are enough to drive hundreds of traffic to your site!

If you want to increase your website traffic using organic and paid ways here, we share with you 10 methods that will give sure-shot results.

Six Proven Ways To Increase Website Traffic

1. Find The Right Keywords/Keyphrases

Make sure you are using relevant keywords in the content. But the keywords have to be inserted in a natural manner. They should not appear forced, and neither should they distract the reader’s attention. It is also necessary that you use the keywords all through the content. The keywords need to be added in the meta description, page title, URL, headers, and a few times in the main body.

You can use tools like Moz, Ahrefs, and SEMrush to conduct keyword research properly. You will be able to see the keywords your competitors are using, how often your customers are using for this keyword, how expensive the keyword is for the PPC ads, related keywords, and other information to create a keyword strategy. You can also hire an SEO agency because they can offer insights and conduct audits to tell you the exact reasons why your website is not showing in the search engines.

2. Be Identified Through Your Domain Name

Domain name increases brand awareness and the identity of your online business or website. If possible, use two words in your domain name – try not to exceed on this. It would be better to use your company name as your domain name.

3. Create Relevant Content

It is not just sufficient to post content. You have to create content that is memorable, and that can get noticed. Valuable and fantastic content is a sure shot way to increase the traffic to your website.

People are using Google to find accurate answers to their queries. If your content is available to do so, then you get a higher ranking. Websites that feature long content get 434% more search engine indexed pages than those that don’t. Apart from that, a site that publishes more than 16 posts a month receives 3.5 times more traffic than those that have published up to 4 articles.

The crux of the matter is that if you care about the content you are writing, then post about it and research the needs of the audience. Very soon, the web traffic will improve.

4. Write Guest Posts

You could also publish guest posts for other websites. In return, you get to generate backlinks, increase referral traffic and increase your SERP ranking. But you will have to research websites based in your industry to pitch to them.

Go through that website content and see if it is high quality, check the domain authority, and note their guidelines for guest posting. You may ask the website to promote your post on social media platforms and tag you in it.

5. Keep Active Social Media Pages

Nowadays, social media gets a lot of traction. Here are a few ways in which you can use it to increase your website traffic:

  • Post the content like blogs, white papers, videos, infographics, etc., across the social media platforms.
  • Communicate and engage with your followers by replying, reposting content, and tagging them in your posts.
  • Use appropriate hashtags wherever required
  • Update the link of your bio to show new content when it is posted
  • Change your cover photo when you want to promote new content
  • Tag all the influencers you think will be interested in your content
  • Add attractive information from the content piece so that people are encouraged to click on it.
  • Reply to people who want answers by sharing the link to your content

6. Get Social

It is not just enough to create great content and hope that it gets noticed. You need to be proactive. An intelligent way to increase the traffic to the website is by using social media channels and promoting your content. If you wish to promote short and snappy links, you can choose Twitter. A B2C product company will get more mileage with image-centric websites like Instagram and Pinterest.

7. Use Advertising To Increase Website Traffic

Advertising using social media paid search and display ads could be an effective way to get more website traffic. All these options, though, have their own pros and cons. For example, users could block display ads even though the cost per click for a Google ad is between $1 and $2 for every click. Therefore, you must set your goals and budgets before you invest your money into them.

For example, when you are doing PPC ads, you have to first start with one campaign and a few ad groups that use the keyword you want to target. Once the campaigns start, check how your audiences are behaving with the keywords. It is possible that only one keyword is getting you impressions but not website traffic, whereas the other gave you clicks and conversions.

8. Send Email Newsletters

You could use email newsletters to promote the content and increase web traffic. Here are some tactics you can use:

  • Add attractive information from your content into the subject line and also in the email body.
  • Add a link or button that subscribers should click if they want to read more.
  • Ensure that all your emails are mobile-friendly. These links should be easy to open as around 46% of the people see emails on mobiles.
  • Include the name of the recipient to personalize your email.
  • Use well-designed templates to make your email beautiful and appealing.
  • Do A/B testing of the email to see which version gets more clicks.

9. Influencer Outreach

Industry influencers are always ready to share the content that their followers can pursue. Businesses could connect with their influencers in many ways like:

  • Tag that influencer in a social media post if the piece matches their content.
  • Ask the influencer for an interview, then tag that person when you post the content. Mostly they would share this content with the audience.
  • You can do a round-up with a few influencers and tag all of them when you promote the post on social media.
  • Pay the influencers so that you publish your sponsored posts on their social media pages.

10. Create Tools And Content That Will Help Others In The Industry

When you give your customers something that is useful to them, you can drive more traffic to your website.

Create tools and content that would be helpful to others in the industry. You can also offer them for free on their websites. By posting such content tools, you get new leads and maximize the returns. You can also promote these tools on LinkedIn groups or forums where your audience frequents and increase your website traffic.

11. Submit Press Releases

When a business creates press releases for self-promotion, they do not just place them on a press release syndication website and wait. They have to push their press release and send them to the influential websites in that industry.

So, if you want to share a client’s good news, you will send it to industry blogs and publications that their target audience is going to read. By doing that, you can get multiple new leads and boost the referral traffic for that client.

12. Exchange Backlinks

Many businesses are trying their best to increase website traffic. This also increases your opportunities for backlink exchanges. Contact relevant sites and suggest your content as a resource they would want to share on their website. You could also offer a backlink exchange that benefits both parties by adding one of their links to your post.

13. Target Long-Tail Keywords

You have got the high intent keyword and popular keyword bases in control. Now you must think of targeting the long-tail keywords. These long-tail keywords will account for a considerable part of web searches. This means that if you do not target them as part of the paid search, you are making a severe error.

14. Use Referral Traffic

Instead of requesting other websites to link back to you, create valuable content that others would want to link to.

You can write informative content that anybody would want to be a part of. This would result in an increase in referral traffic. But make sure that your focus is on getting this traffic from high DA sites. Otherwise, Google may penalize you for using unfair methods.

15. Publish On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just another resource to find a job. It is also a place where you can publish your content regularly. By doing that, you can boost the traffic to your site and increase the profile you have in industry circles. This becomes particularly useful if you have a moderate to large follower base.

16. Use Schema Microdata

By implementing schema, you might not find an increase in website traffic. Yet, it will make it easy for the search engine bots to notice and index the website pages. Another benefit that you get is that its use results in rich site snippers that can also improve the click-through rates.

17. Use LSI Keywords To Optimize Your Content

We all know that SEO is the top way to get more traffic. But your old SEO tactics are not so effective anymore. This is mainly because of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. Instead of focusing on keywords, it understands the topics. Now, how do you make sure that Google understands the content topic?

LSI Keywords: These are words and phrases that are related to your main keyword.

For example, if you have written a page on social media. Your LSI keywords should be as below:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Viral content
  • Pinterest

When Google sees these LSI keywords, it will think that this blog is about social media. To find these LSI keywords, you can use the LSI graph tool. This tool will give you loads of LSI keywords based on your topic. Now add these keywords to your post, and you are done.

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