Eat Your Own Dog Food: Loic Le Meur

Don’t look for the idea of your life or a revolutionary one, because there is no way of knowing what will be revolutionary untill the first users start to love it and tell their friends”.

This is one of the 10 tips that Loic Le Meur, founder and CEO of LeWeb has to offer for start-Up.

Instead of looking for the idea of your life, you need to be passionate about your business. Loic Le Meur was so passionate about his venture that when he launched LeWeb at the French Senate, he forgot to tell the authority that it was going to be an English only conference.

When asked, “Oh your event is in English, you obviously have French translation, right?” His replay was “We want to help entrepreneurs go international and if they don’t speak English they should not join”

But the French law does not permit a conference at the Senate without translation. Thus, LeWeb started off with a controversy. However, it also helped it get lots of publicity.

“I rarely invest my time or money in products I don’t use. If it’s going to be your next business you’d better live and breathe it all day long. You should use it, love it and be obsessed on how to improve it. Focusing on your own passions or products you love yourself is a good start”, says he.

Should you share your thoughts with your friends? Or, should you protect it, lest someone else will succeed with your idea?

Nobody can protect an idea whose time has come. If it is not you, then somebody, somewhere must be executing it. “The only way to protect your idea is to execute it fast”.

He even shares his idea on social networks, and as he says, “That way I know if it gets traction or not”.

Adapted from:  Ten Ways You Can Start Your Own Business Doing Nothing

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