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50 Ed Sheeran Lyrics For When You Need An Instagram Caption

1. You Got A Friend In Me.

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2. But More Likely You Find Me In The Back Room Of A Dive Bar With My Mates.


3. And I’ll Say It Again Living Life On The Edge With A Close Handful Of Friends.


4. I Met You When I Was A Teen.


5. I Do My Own Thing Now.

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6. We Can All Be Loved The Way That God Made Us.


7. Maybe Tonight I’ll Call Ya.


8. I’m Out Of Sight, I’m Out Of Mind.


9. My Mind Is A Warrior.


10. Pain Is Only Relevant If It Still Hurts.

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11. Cause, Honey, Your Soul Could Never Grow Old, It’s Evergreen.


12. Success Is Nothing If You Have No One Left To Share It With.


13. Loving Can Mend Your Soul.


14. You’re Not Her.


15. And Would You Take Away My Hopes And Dreams And Just Stay With Me?

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16. Do You Ever Wonder If The Stars Shine Out For You?


17. Give Me Love Like Her.


18. I’m Falling For Your Eyes, But They Don’t Know Me Yet.


19. What I Do Isn’t Up To You.


20. Would It Hurt Your Reputation If I Put It On Wax?

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21. I’m Sorry For The Honesty.


22. Fact Is You’re Mad At Me Because I Backtrack So Casually.


23. I’m Just Disgusted With The Skeletons You Sleep With In Your Closet To Get Back At Me.


24. None Of Us Are Saints I Guess That God Knows That.


25. Maybe You Should Learn To Love Her Like, Like The Way, You Wanna Be Loved.

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26. That Heart Is So Cold.


27. Five Drinks In On Friday Night.


28. Go Ahead And Just Live It Up.


29. Vividly Need To Let My Liver Be.


30. But Drinking Absinth Can Change Your Mind State.

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31. We Drink The Best Lager.


32. I Got Sinning On My Mind.


33. Sipping On Red Wine.


34. Times Forever Frozen Still.


35. We Drink Away The Days With A Takeaway Pizza.


36. I’m Meant To Drive Home But I’ve Drunk All Of It Now.


37. Drinking To Suppress Devotion.


38. I’m Stumbling Off Drunk, Getting Myself Lost.


39. All My Senses Come To Life While I’m Stumbling Home As Drunk As I Have Ever Been.


40. I Woke Up, Wiped The Sleep Out Of My Eyes.

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41. Now I’ll Surrender Up My Heart And Swap It For Yours.


42. I Fall In Love With You Every Single Day.


43. And, Darling, I Will Be Loving You ‘Til We’re 70.


44. Cause All That You Are Is All That I’ll Ever Need.


45. We Keep This Love In A Photograph.

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46. I Already Know She’s A Keeper.


47. This Love Is Ablaze.


48. I Feel It All Over Now, Now And I Feel Loved.


49. Just Promise Me, You’ll Always Be A Friend.


50. Cause You Are The Only One.

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