Eduflow Alternatives 2022: 10 Best Learning Management Solutions

Eduflow is a learning experience management software. It helps education institutes and even corporate training programs in creating courses, deadlines, working on learner engagement, and more from one single platform. It has a built-in authoring functionality, and trainers can use it to customize course resources using text, videos, images, and many other file uploads.

Eduflow allows educators to send their email invites with course codes and create personalized learning programs. You can also manage in-app recordings of all the sessions. This peer review model allows students to share their ideas as well as feedback on the assignments.

It helps supervisors customize their user interface with different brand logos, images themes, colors, and fonts. Teachers can monitor course completion status and track quality scores of submission, and accordingly pass or fail the students.

Eduflow helps organizations to use API and Zapier to integrate their platform with different third-party solutions like Moodle Slack, LinkedIn, Zoom, and Backboard.

The admins get to give permission rights, set up all authentication protocols, offer SSL-based encryption and check their compliance with GDPR and SCC guidelines.

Educators can now use drag and drop interface to create interactive courses using customized text, files, text, and videos. It also comes with a built-in discussion forum that allows the learners to mention comments and work together on the activities, ideas, and assignments.

Apart from that, the admins can also set up give permission rights, create authentication rights, create branding and authentication protocols while ensuring complaints with all the necessary guidelines of GSPC, FERPA, and GDPR.

Eduflow Pricing

Eduflow comes along in different plan types, i.e., Free, Lite, Pro, and Premium. The free plan is suitable for small teams and those larger teams who are starting out on Eduflow. The Lite and Pro plan comes at $20 and $120 for monthly subscriptions.

You can purchase them without speaking to a sales rep, and it will allow you to have a learning experience involving 100 or 250 participants. Apart from that, Pro plan helps you use your API, modify the look and feel and do much more. Eduflow Premium is suitable for larger institutions.

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Eduflow Alternatives

You can compare Eduflow alternatives for the business and organizations using the list mentioned below. We are giving you the best LMS options to explore.


Brightspace is a cloud-based learning management solution. It allows K 12 schools, universities, businesses, and government organizations to interact with students and employees.

They can use virtual classrooms, personalized training, video assessments, etc., to do so. The professionals can also use the platform to store any content they have created in a centralized library and use the resources as per the requirements of an individual.

Brightspace helps businesses interact through virtual classrooms or record videos for future reference. It also allows live discussions, training sessions, etc. Managers can give staff members badges certificates after they complete the training.

This improves the interaction of your employees with the brand. Teachers can create their lessons using various resources and use the drag and drop interface to customize it. Even the parents could use the dashboard to see their assignments and events and also receive notifications about any updates in the course,


This data collection tool makes it easy to answer forms, quizzes, surveys, etc. Online forms could be rather dull and repetitive. People want a better-looking experience, and that is where Typeform is helpful.

You get more and better data to create new surveys, quizzes, forms, or something entirely new. You can customize design to create your own brand language. And for the audience, it can work on any device. You can integrate it with MailChimp, Google Sheets, and Salesforce and get the best benefits of the same.

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Teachable is a simple cloud-based course builder platform. It produces teaching websites and online lectures. The software comes with a tiered subscription starting from a free account to Professional.

On the other hand, high volume and enterprise get unlimited course capabilities. They all provide access to intuitive publishing tools and offer template customization and rebranding options. This is all without any kind of coding knowledge.

The content assets comprise images, audio, and video, which can be imported from Dropbox and other popular storage platforms. There is a course Page editor that simplifies editing, and the Integrated Power editor helps in doing advanced development.

The advanced publishing features comprise custom domains, webhooks, affiliate programs, and white labeling features. You can introduce responsive learning tools like forums, forms, quizzes, and surveys. All of them will get automatically optimized to perform in a synchronized manner across all devices.

The learning content can be marketed through eCommerce tools to sell content access and run coupon campaigns, accepting global payments and increasing conversions with different custom landing pages.

An administrator dashboard offers student signups, revenue totals, and lecture completion rates. You can manage and export the contact lists and revenue reporting and manage the payment of many course authors.


LearnUpon LMS is a solution created to manage, deliver and track corporate training for every audience like the partners, employers, and customers. Right from automating the daily tasks to ensuring the training courses run smoothly, LearnUpon provides everything that you require to measure the efficacy of your training programs.

Now build different courses without any particular technical knowledge using LearnUpon course creation. You can scale and coordinate how the training will be managed through the User Roles, Groups, and other things. You can access and share out-of-the-box and digestible reports so as to track all the steps to success.

The LMS is the core of your learning system, and LearnUpon becomes the solution you can use to centralize your training management programs. It will also let you integrate the essential apps and keep the communication and insights at one location.

Scaffold Platform

The Scaffold Education’s Learning Management Platform improves organization’s team development results. It reduces 85% of training time and improves employee satisfaction by 92.5%.

Its gamified solution comes with Dashboards and a strategic vision of a result-oriented program. It allows you to optimize the training resources and improve your engagement and scalability. In return, your training and development plans become very effective.

Top Hat

Top Hat is an online teaching platform. It is designed so as to help educators and professors interact with their students in a better manner. This software provides solutions to deliver various interactive courses, personalizing digital books, assigning homework, and providing assessments.

Top Hat automates the daily repetitive tasks a teacher has to perform, like checking homework and taking attendance. The Built-in assessment tools help users in tracking a student’s progress. Long with the in-class questions and polls help in providing the required feedback. Top Hat also tries to increase student engagement using graphics and videos, interactive books, lesson gamification, etc.


360Learning provides Learning and Development teams ability to increase growth through collaborative learning. This learning platform uses various tools and helps high-growth companies to improve their learning using their collective expertise.

This platform is the best way to onboard new employees, train the customer interacting teams and develop your professional skills.

  • You can create your courses in minutes, not months: Businesses are fast-paced. Now create courses that are one step ahead using the collaborative authoring tool. Be it any format, subject matter, or assessment; everything is just a click away.
  • Learn from the people who know your business best: There is a craving for attention, and corporate learning is on downhill. It is important to watch the completion rates when you are connecting the learners with the subject matter experts.
  • You can scale adoption with relevant, personalized learning: Training that is not adapted and personalized is useless. Empower the team managers and leaders and scale the adoption of the learning programs.


LearnWorlds is a powerful but lightweight eCommerce-ready LMS. It comes with features that help in selling online courses, educating the customers, and training the employees. It is a very innovative, fast, reliable, and scalable cloud-based e-learning system available in the market.

It is immaterial if you are an individual trainer or a large organization with thousands of audiences. LearnWorlds is your go-to solution. You can use it to create and operate a flexible and beautiful online school with multiple other features.

LearnWorlds research team targets the learner’s journey. It comes with a clean and intuitive user interface, established community, and multiple e-learning tools. LearnWorlds comes with an incredible learning experience, and students can get their objectives while enjoying learning.


Lessonly from Seismic is an LMS that helps teams to work, learn and practice in a better way. Nearly 3 million learners use it at companies like Trunk Club, Ibotta, U.S. Cellular, and Zendesk. It increases productivity and cuts the onboarding time. Its other features are:

  • Easy to use lesson creation
  • Insights that you can use to track metrics
  • Coaching functionality, you can use to give feedback

Benefits Of Using Lessonly

It helps your team to practice actual job tasks so that they can learn from the feedback and polish their skills.
With its tracking tools, you get an idea of who learned what, when, and how. You can then help those who are struggling and reward those who are doing well.

Lessonly integrates with Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Chrome, etc., and helps you in simplifying the team’s processes also maintaining the data integrity at the same time.
You can get your team to better its performance. This helps in smoothening the customer support processes as well.


KloudLearn is an LMS that helps a business to create and share their training courses with the employees. This platform allows admin to track and assess the impact of their training programs on the employees.

Managers may integrate their system with Zoom and then conduct or record virtual training sessions through their mobiles.

KloudLearn also allows the team that they collect the courses from third-party libraries and follow the SCORM protocols. Supervisors could also give certificates, badges and points to the learners once they complete their course.

The KloudLearn software allows stakeholders to create their content in multiple formats like .doc, .pdf, videos, audios, etc.

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