5 Best Email Marketing Automation Strategies You Must Use

Marketing is tremendously Time-Consuming.

As a marketer, there are so many things you have to do and keep track of to promote your business. But the good news is that as the internet has come around, and technology has evolved, numerous tools have come around to help streamline the job of marketers to not only help them save time but also help them generate better marketing results.

Just like all marketing tactics, email marketing demands time and effort, but it doesn’t have to.

Most people just don’t know the opportunities out there and what tools they have at their disposal, and so they spend countless of hours in vain doing every part of their marketing process manually. This has to do with ignorance and the fact that people just don’t know the amazing tools that are out there, including Sendpulse, but once you know them, using them is a given.

You obviously wouldn’t try to hammer nails using a block of wood when you have a hammer right next to you, right?

In this article, we’ll share 5 email marketing automation strategies that will save you time and effort, but at the same time, help you generate better marketing results.


1. Welcome emails

This is one of the most common types of email marketing automation, and that’s because it is one that most people are aware of that they can use.

The principle of welcome emails is simple. When someone signs up to your newsletter, or in any way or for any other reason registers to your site, you send out welcome emails to these individuals.

Sending out welcome emails is a simple and obvious thing you should do, and it is also an incredibly important thing you need to do. The good news is that by using email automation, setting up your welcome email can be set up within minutes, and then, you can have the emails automatically sent.

With Sendpulse, you can have welcome emails sent out automatically when someone performs a particular action, which then works as a trigger. Remember, the first impression is always the most important and sending welcome emails help to create a positive impression of your brand.

If you aren’t using welcome emails, you need to start doing so. Welcoming new people is crucial to making them feel welcome and well-received to your new brand. Think about it:

If someone walks into your physical store, would you welcome them? Of course, you would! Everything else would be strange.

And don’t for one second that this principle changes just because your customers visit your virtual store. The principle of making your customers feel well-received still remains.

2.Trigger emails

Welcome emails are one form of trigger emails, but many people are unfamiliar with the fact that there are a number of other types of other trigger emails at your disposal, using Sendpulse.

With Sendpulse, you have a world of opportunities when it comes to setting up trigger emails, and these are the ones you can choose from.

  • Abandoned Cart
  • Purchase
  • Registration
  • Custom event

The best part is that these trigger emails are sent out automatically which means you can get in instant contact with your new prospects the second they perform an action. Furthermore, you’ll also save a ton of time since the software takes care of the whole process for you. What’s more, a study has found that 96% of visitors to your website aren’t yet ready to buy. What does this mean? It means that you as a brand stand in front of the challenge of getting your new prospects farther and farther down your conversion funnel until they’ve finally converted.

By using these trigger emails, you can make sure that emails are sent in each stage of the funnel, which will help them to ultimately convert and never forget about you.

This is how Sendpulse’s Automation 360 process works:


3. Gather product feedback

Email marketing is a tremendous tool to help you get product feedback from your audience, but what’s even more amazing about email is that you can automate the process to receive product feedback.

Never underestimate the importance of collecting product feedback from your customers, because many customers of yours are product using your product every single day, and this means that they’ve probably learned the ins and outs of your products, and know the things that work really well, but most importantly, that they probably have some tips for how you can improve to create an even better product.

Developing a product is hard, and knowing what your customers want and need is even harder. It’s almost impossible to guess what your audience needs, and frankly, why guess when you can ask?

Now, most of your customers won’t go out of their way to tell you about these things, and if you want to get this type of information, you have to go to them and ask them.

And with email, you can do just that. Best of all, you can automate the process of doing so, making your email an information-collecting machine that gathers incredibly valuable information about your customers.

Using Sendpulse, you can set up automated emails with the goal of collecting information about your customers, their usage of your products, and so on. In other words, any information that will help you create a better product. Sendpulse’s draft feature gives you endless of different drafts to choose from based on your mission. Simply choose the one that supports your mission and have Send pulse send out the email to all of your subscribers for you.

Now, remember that the thing that humans value the most beside health is time, and if you expect your customers to be prepared to spend a ton of time giving you thorough feedback about your products, you’ll be disappointed.

Of course, one way to entice your audience to respond to your customer feedback automation email is to offer some kind of gift, but another more effective is to create a form which people can effortlessly fill out withina matter of seconds.

Trigger emails

Using Sendpulse, you can effortlessly create forms for collecting customer feedback through email which makes the process of giving you the Infomation much easier.


4.Surprise your customers for their birthday

As a brand, you want to acknowledge your customers as much as you can. By doing this, you show your audience that they care, value them greatly and that you see them as individuals rather than a wallet that you’re going to steal as much money you can from.

You’ve probably heard the saying “it’s the thought that counts” a million times already, and in marketing and customer relationships, it is in fact very true.

Many brands put zero thought or effort into nurturing their customer relationships and increasing customer loyalty, yet despite this, they have shown to be increcibly important aspects of driving sales.

In fact, On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase, and to make people loyal, you need to give them a reason to be. The most effective reason is relationships, and an important starting point is acknowledging your customers and showing that you care.

With Sendpulse, you can segment your mailing list and use a personal approach to working with them. Further, Sendpulse gives you the ability to insert more information about your email subscribers which you can then leverage in your email marketing.

By creating a custom event, you can automate these emails to be sent at the birthday on respective subscribers. Doing this allows you to significantly improve your customer relationships but do so while not spending a second on sending these emails out.

5. Promote your new blog posts

A common way that brands use email marketing is to send out a notification to their subscribers when they’ve published a new blog post. Ideally, in any form of marketing, the marketing that has proven to be the most effective is the one that is focused on bringing the customer value, and that is exactly what sending a blog post does.

Therefore, set up automated emails for when you publish a new blog post, just like you might have social media posts automatically shared once you press publish on that blog post.

WIth sendpulse, you can set up your blog post release as an email trigger, or, manually write an email that is relevant to the blog post shared, and then automate the process of sending that email out to all of your subscribers using Sendpulse’s software.

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