Using iPhone Parental Controls To Ensure Your Child’s Safety

The iPhone comes with many features, and your kid can use their device to do various things.

Besides, most teens are curious and always trying to figure out how to leverage technology to interact with peers.

For this reason, understanding how to set iPhone parental controls and how to monitor kid’s iPhone is crucial.

Why Are Restrictions On My Kid’s iPhone Necessary?

Why Are Restrictions On My Kid's iPhone Necessary

Restrictions hinder your kid from exchanging important information like location and other services that can get them in trouble.

You can use Apple screen time parental control to limit your child’s screen time. More so, you can restrain the installation or access of apps that you don’t approve of by using a rating system.

However, if your child still attempts to download the restricted apps, consider other ways to reprimand them.

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How Do I Get iPhone Parental Controls On My Kid’s iPhone?

How Do I Get iPhone Parental Controls On My Kid's iPhone

Although you can remotely lock the child’s iPhone, iPhone parental controls are also handy for limiting access to specific features of the device. Here’s the process on

How To Set iPhone Parental Controls:

  • Click on the “Settings” button and then touch the “General” button and swipe down until you see the “Restrictions” button.
  • The restrictions service asks for a passcode, and this enables you to set your preferred password. At this point, set a password, and don’t forget it.
  • After setting the passcode for restrictions, there’ll be a listing of services for the iPhone you can turn off or on. By setting the button “off,” you not only cripple that service but also any other service that uses it. For instance, when you set the camera off, this will mean that your kid won’t be able to make video calls.



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Teens can access different sites using their phones, and some contain harmful content. If your child owns an iPhone, learn how to set iPhone parental controls and limit them from downloading such apps.

Ensure Your Child’s Safety

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