Entrepreneurs Are a Demographic, Not a Geographic

Innovation is a demographic, not a geographic, phenomenon.

What a Statement!

We are in an age of, largely positive, conspicuous creation.  The rise of entrepreneurial class supersedes nationality.

For investors, the opportunities to find great companies will continue to cohere around successful ecosystems.  Silicon Valley will still long serve as a gravitational force, as will the energy and lifestyle windfalls of Silicon Alley.  There will long be a magic, a secret sauce that inheres in the collaborative density of these networks. That’s not going away.

But there is a clear second opportunity for investors that sits beyond tradition.  According to McKinsey, seven emerging economies –China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, and Indonesia– are expected to contribute 45 percent of global GDP in the coming decade.

Adapted from : “Rise of the Global Entrepreneurial Class”, Forbes.

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