Eureka Launches App To Monetise Idle Screen

Eureka Mobile Advertising Ltd has launched an app called Eureka to monetise the idle screen while delivering relevant content to mobile users.

Mumbai and UK-based Eureka offers mobile ad services and displays marketing messages, offers and deals in the form of images on handsets.

Eureka has a proprietary technology through which it displays ad on a mobile screen as soon as a user unlocks it. The Eureka app displays deals, content and ads as full-screen images on a user’s mobile screen. This technology ensures that content/ad pushed by the Eureka can’t escape the attention of users. Users are free to respond to advertisements in many ways – right from double-tapping on the image to launch the marketer’s website/landing page to dismissing it altogether.

A free app, Eureka currently supports Android phones but will be soon available on BlackBerry and Symbian devices.

Founded in December 2011 by IIT-Varanasi alumnus Rahul S Jayawant (CEO) and investment banker Yogesh Sholapurkar (CTO), Eureka Mobile works in partnership with telecom operators and brands.

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