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LinkedIn Latest Developments

LinkedIn has ceased to be just a business-oriented social network.In recent times, it has undergone massive transformation, turning itself into a business-to-business (B2B) content publishing platform.

According to a new eMarketer report, “Marketing on LinkedIn: New Opportunities, but Old Issues Remain”, with that change comes a variety of new ways companies can market and advertise, including native ads in the feed and PowerPoint-style ads using technology from SlideShare, which LinkedIn acquired last year.

eMarketer forecasts that worldwide ad revenues will reach $376 million in 2013, up 46.7% from last year.

A review of several studies—conducted primarily among B2B and small- and medium-sized business marketers in the US—indicates that in 2012, about 80% used LinkedIn for marketing.

Lower-funnel products, such as self-serve ads and Sponsored InMail ads, allow companies to target messages to specific audiences and pay based on actions, such as clicks (for self-serve ads) or message delivery (for Sponsored InMails). The newest ad products, such as SlideShare Content Ads and Sponsored Updates, broaden the toolset that marketers can use to target the difficult-to-reach business audience.

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