Facebook Gifts Goes Global, Comes To India

Facebook Gifts has now expanded to India, UK and Canada. Through Facebook Gifts, you can buy physical and digital gifts for your. However, users in India, US and Canada can only send gifts to their friends who live in the U.S.

The service which was rolled out to all U.S. users by mid December, 2012, was not available in other countries until now.

How To Use The Service

For using the service, users have to find a contact based in the US on Facebook. In the profile, there is an option “Give Gift” on the top. The categories available are food, wine, apartment and bar, flowers, baby/kids and more. After zeroing in on a gift, you have to select a digital card which you can personalise with a message. As of now, you can make payment only through credit cards.

Recipient could also see a preview of the gift and can also swap the gift for an item of equal or lesser value.

Online gifting is gradually taking place in India with new start-ups like Giftology, Dropgifts , Giftbig  and Badhai.in . Recently we reported that Flipkart enabled international transactions.

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