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70 All Time Greatest Falling In Love Quotes

1. Falling In Love Is The Best Way To Kill Your Heart Because Then It’s Not Yours Anymore. It’s Laid In A Coffin, Waiting To Be Cremated.

Falling In Love

2. Fall In Love When You’re Ready, Not When You’re Lonely.

3. It Is Better To Lock Up Your Heart With A Merciless Padlock, Than To Fall In Love With Someone Who Doesn’t Know What They Mean To You.

4. Falling In Love Consists Merely In Uncorking The Imagination And Bottling The Common Sense.

5. Falling In Love Is Easy. Falling In Love With The Same Person Repeatedly Is Extraordinary.


6. Anyone Who Falls In Love Is Searching For The Missing Pieces Of Themselves

7. You Can Lead A Heart To Love, But You Can’t Make It Fall In.

8. Love Is Like A Hole; Once You Fall In, It’s Hard To Get Out.

9. All Love Stories Are Tales Of Beginnings. When We Talk About Falling In Love, We Go To The Beginning, To Pinpoint The Moment Of Freefall.

10. When Two People Fall In Love, All They Can Think About Is How To Build A Perfect World Around Them.

When Two People

11. Don’t Fall In Love; Rise With It.

12. The Mark Of A Real Man, Is A Man Who Can Allow Himself To Fall Deeply In Love With A Woman

13. When You’re Falling In Love, You Never Notice It Until You’ve Already Hit The Ground.

14. I Fall Into Him Like One Would Fall Into A Dream, Ready To Submit To Your Subconscious’s Innermost Desires And Your Deepest Fears.

15. Each Day My Love Grows Deeper, Deeper Than I Never Thought Before

16. When You Are Missing Someone, Time Seems To Move Slower, And When I’m Falling In Love With Someone, Time Seems To Be Moving Faster.

17. Never Rush Into Falling In Love, Because Love Never Runs Out; Let Love Be The One To Knock At Your Door. Besides True Love Is Worth Waiting For.

18. I Don’t Know How To Say This, Or Even If Its True. But I Love The Way You Make Me Feel, And I Think I’m Falling For You.

19. Isn’t That How Falling In Love So Often Works? Some Stranger Appears Out Of Nowhere And Becomes A Fixed Star In Your Universe.

20. I Always Had A Penchant For Falling In Love. Every Time I Found Myself Without A Mate, I Fell Into A State Of Low-Sizzling Panic.

21. Love Is Like Falling Down…In The End You’re Left Hurt, Scared, And With A Memory Of It Forever.

22. Don’t Try To Stop Your Heart From Falling In Love, Because In The End It May Be Worth It.

23. There Is No Greater Feeling Than Falling In Love, And No Greater Pain Than When You Lose It.

24. When You Fall Head Over Heels For Someone, You’re Not Falling In Love With Who They Are As A Person; You’re Falling In Love With Your Idea Of Love.

25. The Greatest Wonderful Feeling Is Falling In Love.

26. Falling In Love Is A Wonderfully Terrifying Sensation.

27. Only Fools Fall In Love And I Guess I’m One Of Them.

28. Don’t Be Scared To Love, Only Scared To Be Heartbroken.

29. To Fall In Love And To Commit Yourself To Love Means You Should Make Your Loved One The One Thing You Cherish The Most.

30. Falling In Love Doesn’t Always Lead To Heartbreak, Honey. With  The Right Man, It Can Be A One-way Ticket To Paradise.

31. As He Read, I Fell In Love The Way You Fall Asleep: Slow, And Then All At Once.

32. Falling In Love Consists Merely In Uncorking The Imagination And Bottling The Common Sense.

33. Because Before The Time When You’re Heartbroken, You Get To Be In Love, And That’s Worth It.

34. How Can One Fall In Love? For Me, Love Can Only Be Uplifting…

35. I Had A Bad Habit Of Falling In Love With Any Girl Who Was Nice To Me.

36. People Should Fall In Love With Their Eyes Closed.

37. You Can Run Away From Love But It’ll Find You And Make You Fall Into It.

38. Falling In Love Doesn’t Hurt; It’s The Sudden Stop That Hurts So Much.

39. Don’t Fall For Him To Notice Him, Notice Him To Fall For Him.

40. You Know You’re In Love The Moment You Can Touch The Stars Without Reaching.

41. I Have Always Been Quite Good At Falling In Love, But I Don’t Pretend To Know Anything About Literal Happily Ever Afters.

42. Be Careful While Falling In Love, See That The Fall Doesn’t Kill You.

43. A Successful Marriage Requires Falling In Love Many Times, Always With The Same Person.

44. I Never Fall In Love, Because Everything That Falls Breaks.

45. You Know You’re Falling In Love When The Feeling Of Falling Actually Feels Like You’re Floating.

46. To Fall In Love Is Very Easy, Staying In Love Is A Challenge, Letting Go Is The Hardest Part, And Moving On Is A Damn Suicide.

47. You Can’t Help Who You Fall In Love With.

48. When You Fall In Love, The Natural Thing To Do Is Give Yourself To It.

49. No One Ever Fell In Love Without Being A Little Bit Brave.

50. Sometimes The Person You Fall For Isn’t Ready To Catch You.

51. First Best Is Falling In Love. Second Best Is Being In Love. Least Best Is Falling Out Of Love. But Any Of It Is Better Than Never Having Been In Love.

52. You Will Always Fall In Love, And It Will Always Be Like Having Your Throat Cut, Just That Fast.

53. The Bottom Line Is That We Never Fall For The Person We’re Supposed To.

54. Each Day My Love Grows Deeper, Deeper Than I Never Thought Before.

55. Falling In Love Was The Easy Part; Planning A Wedding – Yikes!


56. You Can’t Blame Gravity For Falling In Love.

57. There’s A Big Difference Between Falling In Love And Being In Love. There’s A Big Difference Between Infatuation And Falling In Love

58. Don’t you be so nice to me; I fall in love so easily.—Waylon Jennings

59. He Is My Unicorn, Though… That’s How I Felt Falling In Love With Him, As If I’d Found A Creature Of Myth.

60. There’s A Big Difference Between Falling In Love With Someone And Falling In Love With Someone And Getting Married. Usually, After You Get Married, You Fall In Love With The Person Even More.

61. You Always Fall For The Most Unexpected Person At The Most Unexpected Time And Sometimes For The Most Unexpected Reason.

62. He That Falls In Love With Himself Will Have No Rivals.

63. I Fall Into Him Like One Would Fall Into A Dream, Ready To Submit To Your Subconscious’s Inner Most Desires And Your Deepest Fears.

64. Because If I Fell Any Deeper For The Way His Eyes Crinkled With His Smile Or His Habit Of Tapping On His Nose To Emphasize A Point, My Ship Would Be Sunk.

65. I Used To Consider Myself A Loner.

66. Ghosts Are All Around Us. Look For Them, And You Will Find Them.

67. I Enjoy Writing Personal Essays In The Way Of Charles Lamb Because It Goes Back To The School Days When I Was Good In Writing Essays.

68. Falling In Love. Being In Love. It’s Something I Dream Of, Something I Want To Feel.

69. Falling In Love With God Is The Most Important Thing A Person Can Do.

70. I Was Constantly Falling In Love, And It Never Occurred To Me That This Was Wrong Or Bad.


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