How to start an essay

How To Start An Essay? The Features Of The Essay And How To Choose The Right Topic

In this article we will tell you what types of essays there are, how to write an essay on different topics and not to make mistakes.

You will learn how essays differ from other writing styles, which is the best topic to choose, how to properly state your thoughts and how to write a proper sample essay.

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What Is Meant By Essay?

When you write an essay, you are helping to create new knowledge. You are simply doing a research project in miniature. Research always starts with a question, or a problem, that captures what you want to investigate. A research question should be objective and able to lead to a meaningful answer. Often, you need to work on the research question in several steps. Initially it may be quite broad and a bit fuzzy, but gradually the picture becomes clearer.

Another important point is that in most cases, your research must be theoretically grounded. In other words, there must be a starting point in a perspective and research that already exists. In other words, there are limits to how innovative you can be. If you are unsure about the state of research in the area you are interested in, you need to ask your teacher, supervisor or other person in the know.

A further requirement for research is described by the words validity and reliability. Validity is about your study measuring what you think it measures. Perhaps there are sources of error that affect the results? Reliability is about whether your study is replicable, i.e., whether someone else could do it again and get the same results.

Reliability is particularly significant if you are doing a quantitative study. It is a survey of a large, often statistical, sample, where the answer can be expressed in numbers. For example, it could be a large survey where a certain percentage of informants answer yes to a question and others answer no. The opposite is a qualitative survey where the answer is expressed in words. For example, it may involve interviews with a small group of people who have been asked open-ended questions.

Choosing A Topic

In some institutions, there are given topics to choose from when it comes time to write your thesis. However, if you are not given any suggested topics, you must select one yourself. In this case, it may be a good idea to choose one:

  • That you are interested in – but not too interested. Writing an essay can be a struggle. If you pick a topic that you are interested in, it will be a little easier. But if you select your absolute favorite subject that you’ve been gorging on since you learned to read, it can cause problems in terms of factual selection and objectivity. So the right level of interest is best!
  • That is close to what you have studied in any module
  • Recommended by a previous essay writer. Almost all essays conclude with suggestions for further research in their field. Older essays can therefore be a goldmine. However, do not go back more than about five years if there are more recent papers.

How To Choose A Theme

When you are not given a list to choose an appropriate topic, but only a direction to work in, first consider who the reader will be, who the piece is written for.

For example, it can be a popular science essay, a science essay, a mini-essay. For example, what will be interesting for the teacher or for the committee, or are you writing on demand?

What will be valued in this work? What qualities or views will be the criteria for assessment? In this case, it is better to decide a topic in which you will be able to fully demonstrate your abilities: the ability to argue, clearly express your opinion, defend your position, present the topic originally.

If a list of topics is provided, pick the one in which you are proficient, then the essay will turn out to be attractive, you will enjoy working, and the professor will be happy to read it. How to write an essay if it is for an employer?

In such a case, you will especially appreciate the individuality, sincerity, uniqueness that the author will put into choosing a topic and writing the piece.

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