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Field Sales App For Tracking Sales Reps Reports

Naturally, field sales teams work offsite, that is, remotely and this means that they may not have the luxury of going back and forth to give manual reports.

It is quite the hassle and it can cause a general decrease in their productivity. The idea of going back to the office to make reports of sales reports and target achievement is an archaic system.

The pen and paper system will significantly limit the mobility of your field sales teams.

Managers are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that sales reps are aligned with the business sales targets by reporting directly from the field without a hitch.

The goal is to make work easier and also improve revenue generation. CloudApper SalesQ is a useful tool that can be used to track incoming field sales reports in real-time thus enhancing the ease and authenticity of sales reports.

Why Should You Use Salesman Tracking App

Are you thinking of ways in which a mobile sales app can make work easier for your sales reps and also increase mobility? Check out the following:

Ease of Reporting for Sales Reps

One of the key desirable qualities in the job specifications enjoyed by sales reps is flexibility. They do not like having to be tied down to office space and require less stress since the sales process can be quite difficult.

The manager just needs to make sure that they feel more comfortable making correct reports to the company. An app like SalesQ simplifies the process of sales reports and activities can be reported directly from the field.

Real-Time Access to Sales Reports

Managers can have access to data and reports on the activities of sales reps on the go. Thus, a manager can provide instructions to adjust or restrategize if needed in the sales process.

It also helps to have a clear insight into how many orders are being processed and how they are been achieved. As an advantage, it is much easier to focus on key customers and proper management practices of key accounts can be initiated.

CloudApper SalesQ for Tracking Field Sales Reports

Here are some ways in which SalesQ can help sales reps to provide reports in real-time and also help to manage the metrics for increased performance:

Keep an Eye on Targets

Managers can leverage SalesQ to observe the activities of sales reps in real-time as if they are on the field through concurrent activity tracking.

You will obtain notifications showing how tasks are being completed. Each sales rep is linked with the data peculiar to the job they have done in form of bar charts.

The progress of each sales team can be determined and you can filter those that are doing well and those that require assistance to get the job done much better.

Track Tasks

With a mobile field sales monitoring app like SalesQ, you have the sovereign ability to gain adequate details about the state of a sales rep’s tasks.

You can view the reports on data such as visit status, scheduled appointments, and deliveries made by sales reps from the field. It enhances improved transparency of salesforce movements.

Benefits of Using an App to Track Field Sales Reports

The benefits of using mobile sales apps to monitor reports from field sales are as follows:

Better ROI

There is a general increase in profit when you increase the mobility of sales reps as you let them give reports directly from the field.

It also speeds up the sales process. More deliveries can be made within allotted periods now more than ever before and this means more profits as well.

Sales Rep Performance Adjustment

The least performing sales reps can be easily singled out by measuring their target achievement and remedies can be suggested.

They can either be put through some more intensive training or much easier leads are assigned to them so that they can become more proficient. The best-performing sales reps can also be assigned to key accounts to help generate higher profits.

Sales Activity Tracking

You can easily monitor the activities of sales reps through a mobile sales app as you seek to grasp the rudiments of their sales process. It also helps you to understand how they spend their time to enhance the system of management.

A fluid system of providing reports can improve sales and generate revenue while initiating increased performance by tracking the sales activities of reps.

Do you want to be getting real-time reports from your field sales agents? Enjoy a 14-day free trial of CloudApper SalesQ by signing-up right now.

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