Five High-valued Certifications For People In Health Care Arena

Five High-valued Certifications For People In Health Care Arena

It is essential to earn the required certification in the healthcare field after getting all educational credentials. While beginning your professional career, completing the right accreditation is one of the most critical steps. It sets you apart from others as a competent individual in your profession. It increases your credibility in your career path.

After completing your education, you need to choose the relevant certification program according to your specific needs and requirements. Medical certifications show your eligibility to determine whether you are qualified to fulfill duties for a particular designation or not. It gives you a practical taste of the industry before you step into professional life. You need to consider it as a way to enter the healthcare sector.

From healthcare management to information systems, there are different areas that you can explore and decide what is better for you. If you do not have any relevant experience in the healthcare industry, you can still get certified for some positions. But there are some requirements for each certification that you have to fulfill to become eligible. You may need more than one certificate, so it is vital to have a clear idea of all options to make the right decision.

Here are five high-valued healthcare certifications that will add significant value to your resume and strengthen your professional skills.

1. Certification In Healthcare Information And Management Systems

The issuing authority of certified professionals in healthcare information and management systems (CPHIMS) is the society of healthcare information and management systems. It’s a non-profit company with around 65,000 individuals with 460 establishments and 650 corporates.

The organization collaborates with a large number of volunteers dedicated to serving the healthcare industry through information technology.

This certification aims to improve information and management systems practices in the healthcare sector. Known as the international certification, implementing measures in the industry through technology ensures quality measures. If you have a strict schedule, you can consider platforms like ems continuing education online to earn your certification. Additionally, it guarantees your progress in a professional career, helping you gain the trust of employing authorities.

2. Certification In Healthcare Risk Management

Suppose you are a certified professional in healthcare risk management (CPHRM). In that case, it means you will get recognized as one of the skilled individuals in this industry. To become eligible for this certificate, you need to work hard to the best of your abilities.

This certification requires high-level education with experience in the healthcare field. You have to appear in a certification exam that involves around 100 items to test your skills and knowledge. After three years, you need to appear in the exam again to renew your certification. You can do this by giving proof of 50 hours of continued education as well. It is the assurance of your competency as a healthcare management professional.

3. Certification Of A Medical Manager

The professional association of healthcare office management (PAHCOM) launched this certification program. It is the most crucial healthcare certification for individuals who want to be part of office management in the healthcare sector. For this certification, you do not need an experience and educational degree. It will nurture your skills that will prepare you to deal with the challenges of healthcare management.

One of the significant benefits of this certification registration is that it makes you credible in medical practitioners and medical boards’ eyes. It is evidence of your capability that you have gone through stringent testing and delivered satisfactory results. Your name will be in the list of accomplished examinees in the annual report of PAHCOM.

4. Certification Of A Coding Specialist Physician-Based

This certification is for pro-level coders who are looking for experience in a top healthcare setting. Individuals having a certificate of a coding specialist physician-based can join specialty and physician offices.

You will gain in-depth knowledge of managing patients’ records and keeping track of each process carried out for the treatment. You will get introduced to different medical coding aspects from maintaining the quality of documentation’s data to health care records.

Out of the following eligibility conditions for this certification, you have to meet at least one of them.

  • To have two years of experience in medical coding.
  • It will help if you do courses in pathology, medical terminology, pharmacology, physiology, and procedural coding in medical services.
  • You need to have a registered health information administrator (RHIA) certification or a registered health information technician (RHIT).

It is essential to meet a single eligibility requirement mentioned-above to register in a coding specialist physician-based certification.

5. Certification Of An EKG Technician

If you want to serve cardiovascular patients, then this healthcare certification is the perfect fit for you. EKG technician stands for an electrocardiograph technician who helps doctors in identifying heart issues of patients. You will be liable to identify any irregularities with the heart that can cause diseases or heart failure.

As an EKG technician, your responsibilities include explaining medical procedures to the patient, coordinating with cardiologists, and regular checkups of the patient’s blood pressure. You also have to maintain a proper check and balance on the patient’s schedule of stress tests. During the certification program, you have to complete communication courses to improve your interaction skills to correctly convey your message.

This certification has some eligibility requirements that you must fulfill. It will be best if you have a high school diploma. Any additional experience in the medical industry will make you more eligible. It also keeps you one step ahead of other individuals once you enter professional life.


Serving in the healthcare industry is challenging because it makes you responsible for many people’s health. By completing the high-level certification, you will be able to fulfill your responsibilities efficiently. It will develop your skills to positively contribute to the patient’s lives and achieve consistent growth in your professional career.

Just having a high-school diploma or a college degree is not enough to accomplish your career goals. To overcome the healthcare sector’s challenges, you must complete the relevant certification according to your specialty area. The above-explained certifications will help you in choosing the right certificate that matches your interest and skills.

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