Flirty Texts

50 Extremely Flirty Texts To Kickstart The Conversation With Your Crush

Love always blooms when you let all your inhibitions melt away. Small gestures on your part like giving them flowers, and sharing an ice-cream are signs enough that you care.

To help you further win this game of love we have brought a list of 50 cute yet flirty texts that are going to know your partner know about the seriousness of your emotions.

1. I Was Going To Wait Another Day Or Two To Text You, But I Can’t Wait That Long To Talk To You.


2. I Could’ve Sworn I Saw You At The Mall Today, But It Turned Out To Be Some Other Incredibly Attractive Blond.


3. Stop Sending Me Mixed Signals And Start Sending Me Memes.


4. How Have You Gone So Long Without Messaging Me? I’m Such A Delight.


5. Send Me A Picture So I Can Send Santa My Wish List.


6. Your Hand Fits In Mine, Like It’s Made Just For Me.


7. My Day Would’ve Been Much Better If You Were In It.


8. I Can’t Believe We Just Spent The Day Together And I Still Want To See You.


9. I Was Thinking About You All Day.


10. Want You All To Myself Tonight…And Every Other Night.


11. You Should Know You Have My Whole Heart, Always And Forever.


12. Just Thinking About Our First Kiss….I’d Do It All Over Again And Again.


13. You Mean The World To Me, I Just Want You To Know That.


14. I Cannot Stop Thinking About How Sweet You Are.


15. I’ve Been Thinking About You A Ton Today…And It’s Only 9 Am.


16. If You Send Me A Sexy Selfie, You Might Get One In Return.


17. You’ve Already Caught Me, But Every Single Day You Reel Me In More And More.


18. I’m In Love With How Excited You Make Me Feel.


19. It Didn’t Take Long For Me To Discover How Special And Amazing You Are.


20. I Pretty Much Hate Everyone, But You’re The Exception.


21. I Could Text You Until Two In The Morning.


22. I Feel Like The Luckiest Girl In The World.


23. I Do Not Want To Spend Another Day Without You.


24. I Had A Dream We Were Sexting, So I Woke Up And Decided To Turn It Into A Reality.


25. No Matter How Horrible My Day Went, When You Smile You Just Made Everything All Right.


26. I Wonder How My Life Would Be If I Hadn’t Met You.


27. Still Working Away, But I Wanted To Take A Break To Say Good Night To The Prettiest Girl In My Life.


28. What’s Your Favorite Color? That’s The Lingerie I’m Wearing Tonight.


29. I Just Heard A Song On The Radio, And It Describes Our Relationship Perfectly.


30. Be Honest. How Long Have You Been Waiting For A Text From Me?


31. If You Want To Make A Move, Today Would Be The Perfect Time To Go For It.


32. We’re Hanging Out Tonight, Just So You Know.


33. We Should Really Stop Texting And Start Seeing Each Other In Person. Preferably Naked.


34. I’m So Proud Of You For Working So Hard, Babe.


35. I Wanted To Ask You Out, But I Figured I’d Start By Sending You A Text.


36. I Can’t Wait To See You Again So I Can Kiss Your Body From Head To Toe.


36. Dinner’s On Me Tonight. Anything You Want, Plus Me As Dessert.


37. Do You Miss Me? Type “ Y” For Yes.


38. Let’s Make Tonight All About You.


39. Can’t Wait To See You Later. I Have A Surprise For You.


40. I Know It’s Not Your Birthday, But I’ve Got A Gift For You To Unwrap Tonight.


41. I Love Knowing I Have The Sexiest Man To Come Home To Every Night.


42. This Weekend. You, Me, The Bed?


43. I’m So Bored! Wanna Go On An Adventure?


44. I Love It That I’m The Reason You Smile.


45. Whenever My Phone Beeps And It’s A Text From You I Can’t Help But Smile.


46. If I Were The Last Guy On Earth, Would You Date Me?


47. You Know Exactly How I Like To Be Touched, And I Want More.


48. I Just Saw The New Picture You Uploaded. Looking Hotter Than Ever, I See.


49. I Hope You Haven’t Forgotten That I Exist, Because I Definitely Haven’t Forgotten About You.


50. I Had A Dream About You Last Night. I’d Tell You What Happened, But It’s Way Too


51. I’ve Been Dying To See Star Trek Beyond (If You Need A Date Idea).


52. There’s A Mewtwo At My House. You Better Come Catch It.




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