Food Puns

50 Food Puns To Dish Out When You’re Hungry For Laughs

1. You’ve Got A Peas Of My Heart.

2. Ice Cream My Love For You Wherever I Go.

3. Thanks For Pudding Up With Me.

Food Puns

4. I Went For A Meal With A Taxidermist The Other Day. I Was Stuffed Afterward.

5. What’s A Chicken’s Least Favorite Day Of The Week? Fry-day.

funny food puns

6. You Will Always Be My Butter Half.

7. I Went To A Barbecue The Other Night And I Was Planning To Take Home All The Leftovers, But Someone Else Foiled My Plans.

8. Why Did The Gardener Quit? Because His Celery Wasn’t High Enough.

9. You Occu-pie Every Single One Of My Thoughts.

10. What Do You Call Blueberries Playing The Guitar? A Jam Session.

mexican food puns

11. My Love Is Pho Real.

12. Why Did The Butcher Work Overtime Last Week? To Make Ends Meat.

13. Muffin Compares To Your Love.

14. What Do You Call An Avocado That’s Been Blessed By The Pope? Holy Guacamole.

15. Our Love Is Kind Of A Big Dill.

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16. Why Did The Pig Go Into The Kitchen? He Felt Like Bacon.

17. You Always Make Miso Happy.

18. There Is A Mushroom In My Heart For Your Love.

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19. Why Did The Ice-cream Truck Break Down? Because Of The Rocky Road.

20. A Boiled Egg In The Morning Sure Is Hard To Beat.

tastemade food puns

21. Romaine Calm! We’ll Be Just Fine.

22. Olive You So Much.

23. I Kept Telling My Wife I Was Going To Make Pancakes In The Morning. She Said I Was Waffling.

24. How Long Does It Take To Brew Chinese Tea? Oolong Time.

25. My Friend Told Me They Were Turning Vegan. I Said, “That’s A Big Missed Steak”.

26. What Do You Call A Runaway Pea? An Esca-pea.

27. I Decided I Was Going To Grow Some Herbs … But I Couldn’t Find The Thyme.

28. What Did The Banana Say To Its Sick Friend? “How Are You Peeling?”

29. What Do You Call A Sad Cheese? A Blue Cheese.

30. I’ve Written A Song About A Tortilla. Well, It’s More Of A Wrap.

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31. I Love You From My Head Tomatoes.

32. Why Do The French Eat Snails? Because They Don’t Like Fast Food.

33. My Friend Asked Me To Ship Him A Truck Load Of Food But It Just Wasn’t Palatable.

34. How Did The Cheddar Profess His Love?”I Don’t Want To Sound Cheesy, But We Go Really Gouda Together.”

35. Did You Hear The Story About The Angry Waffle Irons? He Just Flipped.

Chinese food puns

36. What Happens When Veggies Throw A Party? They Get A Dj To Turnip The Beet.

37. This Girl Said She Recognized Me From The Vegetarian Club But I’ve Never Seen Herbivore.

38. What Do You Call A Violent Breakfast Food? A Cereal Killer.

39. Here’s My Number, So Kale Me Maybe?

40. We Are A Matcha Made In Heaven.

Food Puns

41. Don’t Go Bacon My Heart.

42. Have You Ever Tried To Eat A Clock? It’s Very Time-consuming.

43. My Friend Asked Me How I Bake My Bread. I Said I Couldn’t Tell Him Because It Was On A Knead To Know Basis.

44. Cheese Said We Wouldn’t Last, But We Proved Her Wrong.

45. What’s A Dessert’s Favorite Pick-up Line? Pie Like You Berry Much.

Food Puns

46. We Go Really Gouda Together.

47. I’ve Given Up Drinking Coffee. It Was Giving Me A Latte Problem.

48. Please Brie Forever Mine.

49. What Do You Call A Mac ‘n’ Cheese That Gets All Up In Your Face? To Close For Comfort Food.  Read Some More Fun Stuff With The Hilarious Things Everyone Does.

50. What Do You Call Cheese That Isn’t Yours? Nacho Cheese.

Food Puns

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