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Foodeterian Story : Bringing Restaurants Closer To Customers In Tier-2 Cities


Have you ever faced the problem of delayed food order? When you place an order around 9 pm and instead of reaching your plate, your order gets cancelled after an hour. Imagine how frustrated you will be if you are a working professional living away from family in Mumbai or Bangalore and thought of having a tasty dinner to conclude a sweet day. Now imagine how frequent it would be in tier-2 cities. What would be frequency of these bad experiences and how this could affect you as well as the reputation and sale of restaurant you ordered from.


What is Foodeterian all about?

​Foodeterian is Bhubaneswar based hyper local food ordering and delivery service that solves the above two problems. We are focused to bring restaurants closer to the customers in tier-2 cities in India. Currently, we are the fastest growing food tech in Bhubaneswar city with around 50 popular restaurants and more than 500 organic app downloads and we are not yet 2 months old.

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What’s attracting the restaurants to join foodeterian? ​


We are in for ethical business where everything is transparent. We believe that we should do what we love honestly and that’s what our restaurant partners like in us. Our simple to use platform is also one of the major reason that restaurants in Bhubaneswar are finally adapting to ride on digital wave to reach more customers.


Why Foodeterian selected Bhubaneswar as their startup city?

Bhubaneswar has a good number of reputed higher study institutions. Students from all over India stays in Bhubaneswar. Most of the students don’t like food of cafeterias and seek to order from restaurants to save time. Bhubaneswar has been seeing recent development in terms of IT giants opening their offices.

Tech Mahindra and TCS is already present in Bhubaneswar and many other companies are in process to open their offices in Bhubaneswar in coming months. All these points make Bhubaneswar one of the best place suitable for our business model.

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What makes Foodeterain best food tech in town?

In one word, our team. The existing food techs in Bhubaneswar had not been able to crack the market. The team behind foodeterian is highly competent group of young professionals who have worked for a respectable time in various corporate sectors and have a proven excellence in their fields.

While designing our business model and platform, we kept in mind all points and issues a restaurant faces. We researched a lot before coming to market. We know all possible problems a restaurant can face and we have solution to them. According to many restaurant managers, this is the best platform they have ever used and the team’s ability to think of such a refined system proves our ability to bring solutions to problems.


How do you come across the name?

“We all have different food preferences. It seems unfair to separate us by calling us vegetarian or non-vegetarian or any other dividing term so we started calling ourselves Foodeterian and this became name of our startup. It’s not about us but about everyone. Next time you get confused how to define your food preference, call yourself a Foodeterian.”

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How was your startup journey so far?

Our startup journey was not an easy ride. It was a tough ride with lot of work and learning new things each day. We faced challenges managing our time as each one of us was overloaded with work.We faced challenges managing the finance. But the response and love we received with many restaurant owners was all worth it and more. We are willing to walk an extra mile each day as it brings us closer to our dreams. We didn’t gave up and now we are among the fastest growing bootstrapped food delivery service in tier-2 cities.


Tell us more about your team and how their work adds value to Foodeterian?

Our team has six highly qualified members who works continuously to refine our business and ensure growth. Amit Kumar is our CEO and he’s the driving force behind foodeterian. His work is to interact with restaurant owners and understand their requirements.

Bushra and Shikha looks after the branding, marketing and content. Bhanu Ranjan is our another important team member who takes care of handling our console and manage delivery fleet. Pritish takes care of all HR and Admin work to make sure we comply with all required requisites to conduct our business without any issues related to government policies.

I (Chandra Shekhar) takes care of all IT and overall strategy part of Foodeterian. We all have a respectable work background across various industries and we are well versed with business processes. From how our delivery boy interacts with customer to how we send a simple SMS to any user, we focus on everything. At the end of the day, we all discuss what extra could be done to provide more values to our restaurant partners and customers.


How Foodeterian is helping society?​

Our work generates employment for local people and we hire people who can work without focusing too much on their educational background or marks. We believe that marks doesn’t proves how effective you are, your personality proves that. We are looking forward to provide employment to 50 more local people to upscale our operations.

What are the future plans of Foodeterian?​

We are planning to upscale and expand our operations to Cuttack and hire upper level management employees to shred burden on team. Since we are a totally bootstrapped startup, we are looking for investors so that we can execute our plans in a faster way and become best in our segment. We have some very great plans and they will be rolled out very soon and benefit all stakeholders.



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