Forrester Predicts Weaker Tech Market Growth for 2012

Forrester Predicts Weaker Tech Market Growth for 2012

A Forrester’s  report  projected  a weaker  US tech market  growth in 2012. However, it further adds, Cloud and Smart Computing solution vendors will continue to outperform their industry baselines.

Excellent customer experiences and greater customer engagement are the real catalysts of market growth and the greatest disruptive forces at work in enterprise software today.

US Tech Market Outlook For 2012 “, a  report by Forrester highlights following points:

  • Total U.S. ICT market in 2011 was $962B with the majority being generated from software sales ($208B) followed by Telecom Services ($199B) and IT Consulting and Systems Integration Services ($188B).
  • Software continues to dominate both in total revenue ($208B) and growth rate, with 8.2% growth projected for 2012.
  • Forrester is most optimistic in their forecasts for analytics, BI, Cloud Computing and Smart Computing.
  • Smart Computing is defined by Forrester as platform technologies including specialized analytics, BI, service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure, virtualization software, rules engines, and awareness-based technologies.
  • The inflexion point of Smart Computing will happen when analytics, BI and awareness-based technologies including RFID can be used to make customer experiences consistently positive and drive cultural change throughout a business to center on customers’ expectations.
  • In 2012, financial services, professional services, and manufacturing will be the three industries that dominate software purchases.

Source: Analytics, Cloud Computing Challenge Flat Growth in Forrester’s Tech Market Outlook for 2012


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