Free Online Business Tools Every Startup Should Use

Free Online Business Tools Every Startup Should Use

When you’re just starting out in e-business there’s a lot to learn and even more to do, and for many of us, peanuts are all we have to do it with. Fortunately, the Internet is flush with low cost and free resources to help get your e-businesses off the ground. I’d like to share some of my favorites with you:

Free Business Tool #1: WordPress
WordPress is technically a blogging software, but has been adapted to run other types of websites, as well.

Free Business Tool #2: Google Analytics
Google Analytics allows webmasters to monitor web traffic, telling you how many visitors you’re getting, where they’re coming from, and what they’re looking at.

Free Business Tool #3: Mailchimp
The best part is that with Mailchimp you can (currently) send up to 12,000 emails each month free of charge.

Free Business Tool #4: Freshbooks
For invoicing, it’s easy, professional, and flexible.Free for your first 3 clients and only requires a modest monthly fee thereafter.

Free Business Tool #5: Capsule CRM
Capsule is free for your first 250 contacts.

Source: ” 5 FREE Online Business Tools Every Startup Could Use “, Business2Community

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