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10 Free SEO Tools For Everyone

Everyone is in search of free things when they get extra benefits out of it. No one tends to pay anything. Don’t we?
There are free SEO tools and to select one out of it is so difficult and have to be careful enough to delete the junk ones.

Often many questions arise in everyone’s minds whether using free tools will increase website organic traffic & search engine rankings.

There are hundreds of SEO tools out there, but we would like to concentrate only on the best and most used. A tool should meet out three ingredients: –

  1. Widely used by SEO hub
  2. Offers value & actionable data
  3. Free and best

Does content matter?


There are tremendous writers who spend time in writing. But does all these write-ups is fair enough to be viewed? Even if your site is ranking or has organic traffic, the main vital thing is users’ view. Has it worth the read? This occurs to websites that produce low content.

High-quality content is what makes a successful website and SEO is how they are detected. If you have the best SEO tools then ranking is a short-term run but you need persistence. Try to use Content optimization tool to help you in finding the necessary information about your competitor’s website. These tools will provide the “under the hood” look at your competitor’s site, allowing you to find out what is working and what is not.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO for short. SEO optimizes your site’s search engine and rankings. This is to avoid the chances of people who try to the fake system with bad practices.

So, the content creators identify what will be the best? And that’s when SEO tools were introduced. It is designed in such a way that info collected by thousands of sites to give you tips to optimize yours.

For example: – There are multiple search engines. But the focused one is Google. It’s safe to know that if you optimize for Google, you optimize for all the search engines.

What is SEO Tool?

It is which provides you with detailed analysis and alerts of your site be it be health or success or spam. These tools help you to remove spam or junk ones that may prevent you from rankings and visibility in SERPs.

SEO Tool

Is the SEO tool any help for you?

Yes, SEO tools are incredibly useful in many ways like: –

1. Analytics
2. Backlinks
3. Optimizations
4. Keyword Research
5. Rankings
6. Site Speed
7. WordPress SEO

Do you need SEO Tools?

For building or DIY or anything, you can’t just use your hands. Can you? Yeah, so you make use of tools to make your job easier.

In the same way, when you want to build your site, you will make use of these tools to identify and worth enough as they find out technical & non-technical issues and once again optimizes your website.

But there are some of the following factors that would arise in your minds: –

1. How many users visit your site?
2. Whether organic traffic has increased or dropped?
3. How many backlinks?
4. What are the keywords to be used for content? & many more.

SEO Software not only saves time but also generates accurate results within a click.

Free SEO Tools

You have to put effort if you need the best out-turn. If you are on a low budget, then you can make use of these tools. Discover what can be done to improve your sit’s ranking in SERPs. Your site and you want to bring it high then work on it.

There are many SEO tools to list out. So out of those mentioned below are ten:

1. Google Analytics

This is one of the most evolving tools in the world, though there is increasing competition. It helps to boost digital presence & also provides a detailed analysis.

Not only it’s free, but also it offers premium tool features. At first learning, Google Analytics is a bit difficult. And once u get to know, with the help of it you will improve your SEO. It helps to track your Google AdWords and marketing Data across Google applications.

Google Analytics

2. Google Search Console (former name Webmaster Tools)

It is more of an impression and page click tracking SEO Tool. It’s similar to Google Analytics but provides data in the simplest way. It helps you to track rank to your site’s ranking in SERPs.

In case, if your website has any problems with optimization, then this tool will give a notification & helps you to sort issues quickly. Helps to find out crawling issues or broken links or indexed pages or structured data & many more all for free.

Google Search Console


1. Google provides tips for optimization
2. Examines mobile usability
3. Upload’s sitemaps directly to Google for faster outcomes

3. Ubersuggest

If you want to outsource your competitions, then this the best SEO tools. As it will provide you details regarding visitors on a monthly basis, SEO difficulties, backlinks in numbers so as to rank number 1 for a particular keyword.



1. Helps to point out keywords to lift up the search ranking
2. Provides comprehensive information regarding competitive analysis
3. Helps you to analyze what competitors are doing and which keywords are helping them to rank better

4. RankMath and Yoast and Ahref’s

Even when your website has strong backlinks or off-page SEO, the organic traffic won’t do any modulation to off-page. That is the time when RankMath and Yoast SEO, WordPress Plugins is at ease.

But both shouldn’t be used at the same time as if used then it may clutch together and eliminate the page speed of your website. These tools will help your site to have on-page optimization.

Not just permalink and description could be enabled, but also analyze the readability of your content and how to improvise the same. In RankMath, you can add more than one focused keyword which is missing in the Yoast SEO tool.

RankMath and Yoast and Ahref’s

RankMath and Yoast and Ahref’s

Benefits of Yoast

1. Provides easy & effective writing tips
2. Identifies readability to make sure users can enjoy
3. Tips are real-time

Ahref’s provides you with content audit, links & tools so as to monitor and grow organic traffic to your site. Manually checking on a daily basis is out of the question.

This broken-link checker provides you with an excellent choice where you should get rid of broken links. These broken links can hurt your rankings if the search engine finds them continuously.

So, this tool is of great use which checks your entire website within seconds. Filtering options made available for larger websites.

RankMath and Yoast and Ahref’s

Benefits of Ahref’s

1. Identifies broken links
2. Locates both external & internal
3. Helps in building content strategy

5. Google Keyword Planner

The use of Google keyword planner is it helps to identify the competition & search volume of the searched keywords on a monthly basis.

This tool is a standalone tool for SEO keyword planning which helps in developing stronger keyword settings. To get access to the same can be done by signing in.

Google Keyword Planner


1. Provides you with keyword info
2. It’s Free
3. No limit on the number of Keyword you can look for

6. Google Disavow

Disavow tool helps to identify accurately the links which are suspicious, and you should remove the same from Google’s index before it harms your SEO score and also helps you to avoid penalty.

Google Disavow

7. SEMrush

If your business constitutes of just one site, SEMrush a freemium tool which helps to identify basic site audit, reporting of keywords & domain with a free service tier.



1. Performs SEO audits
2. Identifies good advertising opportunities for CPC
3. Robust keyword research and thus content will rank high on the Search engines

8. Canva

Canva tool allows you to develop at your ease the graphics, branded images, logos, and lots more visual content. It can be used on mobile as well as the web too. This tool is all-in-one visual content that helps you to create eye-catching images.


9. Grammarly

It is a vital tool that helps you to frame the right tone and present your brand professionally through your content. It not only scans your writing but also provides you with a breakdown of the writing tone. It helps you to convey the tone of your content.


10. LSIGraph

It helps your on-page SEO to the next level. It creates a list of keywords that you can make use of it in your content.


Can you use multiple SEO tools?

There are many free & best SEO tools made available at ease. The biggest mistake is limiting yourself to one because every tool has its own distinct features. Every tool won’t get updated at the same speed.
So, it’s best to utilize an analytical, keyword research, on-page tool.


SEO is a complex field, without having the right tool, the task won’t get completed. You can make use of free SEO tools for your site to get indexed or keyword research or on-page optimization or off-page optimization and creation of content.

SEO, not an easy one to bring quick results. It needs patience & time. These tools are fundamental credits that bring an apt result for the long run.

There are plenty of free SEO tools that you can make use of it. These are made available to SEO newbies and digital marketers on a tight budget.

Free tools are made available for the ones who can’t afford them at the time of startup of their business. In these free tools, one can track the performance of their site, linking history, competitive performance analysis.

But these tools are made available free of cost to some extent only. These tools offer a lot of advantages and if you used them effectively, then there would be remarkable results.

Grab the ones you find most valued for the better ranking of your site. So, did you find any that helps your site to work the best out of it? If so name out your favorite gem that you will use?

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