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8 Free Tools Every JavaScript Developer Should Know About

Taking into account modern trends, web applications are placing increased demands on the speed of page loading and content updates. JavaScript is a powerful tool for developing web applications. Libraries and frameworks created on its basis can greatly simplify and speed up the development process.


A free JavaScript library from the Facebook developers for building user interfaces. The popularity of the library is due to the fact that it was created by experienced specialists of a well-known company, who provide its full support. React offers the following functionality:

  • Supports declarative programming, which simplifies the process of writing, updating and debugging user interface code;
  • Uses a component-oriented approach;
  • Supports the agnostic paradigm in programming.


A progressive JavaScript framework created by Evan Yu and maintained by an international development team. It is distributed free of charge with an MIT license. Key features of Vue:

  • Ease of use. Any developer with knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript can quickly learn Vue and integrate this framework into any project.
  • Versatility. The degree of integration of Vue functionality is unlimited and depends solely on the specific needs of the project. Vue can be used, for example, to create just a user interface, and then scale and extend its functionality.
  • High efficiency with a small amount of code contained in the framework.


The most complete and well-designed framework among all those listed in this article. It was created by Google and is free and open source. One of the strengths of Angular is its full support from a large community of developers.

The most significant features of Angular:

  • Cross-platform (support for mobile and web platforms);
  • High speed of work and productivity;
  • Scalability with support for most Google applications.


Next.js is a free open source JavaScript framework for statically exporting React apps. It has the following features:

  • Server-side pre-rendering support;
  • Zero configuration;
  • The ability to expand by adding modules;
  • The ability to include CSS in JavaScript code;
  • High level of documentation.


Free open source framework based on React that provides the ability to quickly build web applications and sites. Gatsby contains the following functionality:

  • Support for modern versions of JavaScript and CSS, performance like React;
  • A wide range of plugins that extend functionality;
  • The ability to quickly generate web applications;
  • Ease of deployment of projects;
  • Contains “starters” – Gatsby site presets for solving various problems.


This is a library of ready-made animations, supported by any browser, which are great for decorating the main pages of sites, sliders, pop-up messages and other elements. The library is written in pure CSS and contains a wide range of different effects.

Green Sock (GSAP)

This platform is designed to create high-performance, professional-grade animations for use in web applications. GSAP offers an intuitive JavaScript-based syntax to quickly create beautiful animations.

The framework can animate any element, from the DOM and JavaScript objects to SVG, Canvas and WebGL. The most important advantages of GSAP include cross-browser compatibility, backward compatibility, good support from a large developer community, and the availability of detailed documentation. Read more on


It is a lightweight JavaScript library with a simple and powerful API. The library was created by Julian Garnier and is free and open source. It is easy to learn as it offers an intuitive syntax and is well documented.

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