100 Funny Birthday Quotes That Will Surely Make Them Smile

Birthdays are special to all of us. If anyone forgets to wish you on your day, chances are high that you will never forget that they didn’t. It is important to wish loved ones, friends and family on their special day and put a smile on their face.

Share these funny birthday quotes with the person celebrating their special day, may they bring a smile to their face! We offer funny birthday quotes about aging, ones that are famous and ones that are inspirational but funny.

1. You Know You’re Getting Old When The Candles Cost More Than The Cake. Bob Hope Birthday


2. Live Your Life And Forget Your Age. Norman Vincent Peale Live Life


3. Middle Age Is When You’re Sitting At Home On A Saturday Night And The Telephone Rings And You Hope It Isn’t For You. Ogden Nash Cute Quotes


4. You Can Live To Be A Hundred If You Give Up All The Things That Make You Want To Live To Be A Hundred. Woody Allen Humor


5. Eventually, You Reach A Point When You Stop Lying About Your Age And Start Bragging About It. Will Rogers Truth



6. We Must Both, I’m Afraid, Recognize That, As We Grow Older, We Become Like Old Cars – More And More Repairs And Replacements Are Necessary. C. S. Lewis Funny


7. Age Is An Issue Of Mind Over Matter. If You Don’t Mind, It Doesn’t Matter. Mark Twain Wise


8. It’s Important To Have A Twinkle In Your Wrinkle. Author Unknown Smile


9. It Is Sad To Grow Old But Nice To Ripen. Brigitte Bardot Sad Quotes About Life


10. Life Seems To Fade Our Memory, So On This Birthday I Will Forget Yours If You Forget Mine! Kate Summers Memory


11. May all your birthday wishes come true — except for the illegal ones


12. It’s Better To Be Over The Hill Than Under It. Saying Mountain


13. At Least You’re Not As Old As You Will Be Next Year. Author Unknown Happy Birthday Wishes


14. You’ve Heard Of The Three Ages Of Man: Youth, Middle Age, And You’re Looking Wonderful. Cardinal Spellman


15. Don’t worry about getting old. You’re still above ground.


16. At 50 Your Work Is Almost Done, And Retirement Sounds Like Fun. So Enjoy Your Day While You Can Still Play. Catherine Pulsifer Retirement


17. When The Candles On Your Cake Burn Down Before They Are All Lite You Know You Are Getting Up There. Catherine Pulsifer Happy Birthday Sister In Law


18. As You Get Older, Three Things Happen: The First Is Your Memory Goes, And I Can’t Remember The Other Two. Norman Wisdom Poems About Life


19. One Compensation Of Old Age Is That It Excuses You From Picnics. William Feather


20. Inside Every Older Person Is A Younger Person – Wondering What The Hell Happened. Cora Harvey Armstrong

21. You’ve Heard Of The Three Ages Of Man – Youth, Age, And “You Are Looking Wonderful. Francis Cardinal Spellman


22. Time Is A Dressmaker Specializing In Alterations. Faith Baldwin


23. You Know You’ve Aged When You Read Events You Lived In A History Book. Will Ferrell, The Funny Book Funny Sayings


24. You Have The Wisdom Of The Ages, But It Doesn’t Show. Unknown


25. The Old Believe Everything; The Middle-Aged Suspect Everything; The Young Know Everything. Oscar Wilde



26. They Tell You That You’ll Lose Your Mind When You Grow Older. What They Don’t Tell You Is That You Won’t Miss It Very Much. Malcolm Cowley


27. You Are Only Young Once, But You Can Stay Immature Indefinitely. Ogden Nash


28. Call This An Unfair Generalization If You Must, But Old People Are No Good At Everything. Moe (The Simpsons)


29. Be Kind To Your Kids, They’ll Be Choosing Your Nursing Home. Unknown


30. Growing Old Is Like Being Increasingly Penalized For A Crime You Have Not Committed. Anthony Powell



31. The Secret Of Staying Young Is To Live Honestly, Eat Slowly, And Lie About Your Age. Lucille Ball


32. Don’t Let Your Age Get You Down, It Won’t Be Long Until You Are Allowed To Start Learning To Drive. But Until Then, On Your Bike! Happy Birthday!


33. We Thought We Would Get The Right Amount Of Candles To Put On Your Cake This Year, But Quickly Ran Out Of Space. Happy Birthday!


34. I Can’t Believe How Big You’re Getting! Long Gone Are The Days When I Could Steal Cake From Your Plate And No One Would Ever Be The Wiser. Happy Birthday!


35. Seeing As I Usually Forget Everyone’s Birthdays, You Should Consider It A Miracle That I’m Sending You This Message. Happy Birthday!



36. Don’t You Think It’s About Time We Grew Up A Bit And Stopped Painting The Town? I Know Exactly What You’ll Say. Next Year. Happy Birthday!


37. I Hope You Have Low Expectations For Your Meal And Cake This Year, I Hear Dad’s Having A Go At Being The Chef. Happy Birthday!


38. Another Year To Prove That Older Doesn’t Really Mean Wiser. Happy Birthday!


39. Happy Birthday. You’re One Step Closer To Diapers Being Mandatory!


40. It’s Your Birthday, But Make Sure You Get All Your Present Before You Offend Everyone.



41. The Emergency Department Is On Speed Dial Just In Case You Have An Unexpected Asthma Attack Blowing The Candles.


42. I Made A List About The Words Of Wisdom I Wanted To Give You For Your Birthday. It’s Still Blank. Maybe Next Year.


43. If You Counted Your Birthday In Dog Years, You’d Now Be A Teenager! Happy Birthday.


44. Oh Yeah! You’re Getting Closer To The Age When The Government Sends You Money Every Month. Happy Birthday!


45.Another year to kick your bucket list to the curb




46. Count Your Life By Smiles, Not Tears. Count Your Age By Friends, Not Years. Happy Birthday!


47. Happy Birthday! May Your Facebook Wall Be Filled With Messages From People You Never Talk To.


48. Happy birthday! Here’s to being immature for a lifetime.


49. I can’t believe you’re 50. You don’t look a day over 49 and a half.


50. Forget The Past; Look Forward To The Future, For The Best Things Are Yet To Come.



51. Happy Birthday To One Of The Few People Whose Birthday I Can Remember Without A Facebook Reminder.


52. Don’t Get All Weird About Getting Older! Our Age Is Merely The Number Of Years The World Has Been Enjoying Us!


53. You Are Only Young Once, But You Can Be Immature For A Lifetime. Happy Birthday!


54. Just Wanted To Be The First One To Wish You Happy Birthday So I Can Feel Superior To Your Other Well-Wishers. So, Happy Birthday


55.Want to look young today? Play chess with Grandpa


56. Sending You Smiles For Every Moment Of Your Special Day… Have A Wonderful Time And A Very Happy Birthday!


57. Sending Your Way A Bouquet Of Happiness… To Wish You A Very Happy Birthday!


58. You turned 50? Well that botox is certainly working.


59. A Simple Celebration, A Gathering Of Friends; Here Wishing You Great Happiness And A Joy That Never Ends.


60. I hope you see the day when you have no teeth


61. On This Wonderful Day, I Wish You The Best That Life Has To Offer! Happy Birthday!


62. I’m just coming over for the treat. By the way, many happy returns.


63. I Will Never Be An Old Man. To Me, Old Age Is Always 15 Years Older Than I Am. Francis Bacon Age


64. After 30, A Body Has A Mind Of Its Own. Bette Midler Random


65. Here Is The Test To Find Whether Your Mission On Earth Is Finished: If You’re Alive, It Isn’t. Richard Bach



67. We Don’t Grow Old. When We Cease To Grow, We Become Old. Ralph Waldo Emerson Growth


68. Old Age Is Like A Plane Flying Through A Storm. Once You Are Aboard There Is Nothing You Can Do About It. Golda Meir Happy Birthday Cuz


69. Just Remember, Once You’re Over The Hill You Begin To Pick Up Speed. Charles Schulz Motivational


70. Don’t Regret Another Birthday, The Good News Is That You Are Alive And Can Celebrate It. Catherine Pulsifer Regret



71. Men Are Like Wine. Some Turn To Vinegar, But The Best Improve With Age. C.E.M. Joad Words Of Encouragement


72. The Good Thing About Getting Older Is If You Don’t Want To Do Something You Can Say, I’m Too Old To Do That! Kate Summers Good


73. As You Get Older, Though, You Realize There Are Fire Extinguishers. You Do Have An Ability To Control The Flames. Chaka Khan Words Of Encouragement For Women


74. Whether You Live To Be 50 Or 100 Makes No Difference, If You Made No Difference In The World. Jarod Kintz Make A Difference


75. Age May Wrinkle The Face, But Lack Of Enthusiasm Wrinkles The Soul. Danish Proverb Enthusiasm



76. When We Are Old All Our Pleasures Are Behind Us But When We Are Young All Our Troubles Are Before Us. Irish Saying Trouble


77. Turning The Big 40, Well That Can Seem Like A Blow. No Worries Though As 50 Will Be Here Before You Know! Catherine Pulsifer Birthday Poems


78. When You Turn Thirty, A Whole New Thing Happens: You See Yourself Acting Like Your Parents. Blair Sabol Parents


79. Happy Birthday To You, We Hope That All Year You Never Feel Blue. Now That You Are Fifty-Five, We Hope That You Will Survive Marcia Goldlist, Birthday Cards & Toasts Hope


80. You Look 22, You Feel Like 18, You Act Like Your 10, Guess That Makes You 50. Never Change! Happy 50th Author Unknown Be Yourself



81. They Say That Age Is All In Your Mind. The Trick Is Keeping It From Creeping Down Into Your Body. Author Unknown Mindset



82. You’re Not Forty, You’re Eighteen With Twenty-Two Years Experience


83. Middle Age Is When A Narrow Waist And A Broad Mind Begin To Change Places. Author Unknown Cute Life Quotes


84. The Best Way To Remember Your Wife’s Birthday Is To Forget It Once. E. Joseph Cossman


85. Middle Age Is When You’ve Met So Many People That Every New Person You Meet Reminds You Of Someone Else. Ogden Nash



86. Thirty Five Is A Very Attractive Age; London Society Is Full Of Women Who Have Of Their Own Free Choice Remained Thirty-Five For Years. Maurice Chevalier


87. Middle Age: When You Begin To Exchange Your Emotions For Symptoms. Georges Clemenceau


88. Age Does Not Diminish The Extreme Disappointment Of Having A Scoop Of Ice Cream Fall From The Cone. Jim Fiebig


89. If You Survive Long Enough, You’re Revered — Rather Like An Old Building. Katherine Hepburn


90. You Know You Are Getting Old When The Candles Cost More Than The Cake. Bob Hope


91. You’re Yearning For The Good Old Days, Just Turn Off The Air Conditioning. Griff Niblack


92. Middle Age Is When Your Age Starts To Show Around Your Middle. Bob Hope


93. Birthdays Are Good For You. The More You Have, The Longer You Live. Unknown


94. Middle Age Is When You Have The Choice Of Two Temptations; And You Choose The One That Will Get You Home Earlier.  Unknown


95. Statistics Show That People Who Live Longer Have More Birthdays, Costing Us More Money For Presents!


96. When I Reach Your Age I’ll Still Younger Than You, You Dinosaur! Happy Bday!


97. Here’s Hoping That You Enjoy Your Birthday As Much As You Enjoy Torturing Everyone All Year.


98. Congratulations Bud! You Are Now Officially 20 Years Away From Turning 50.


99. You Just Lost One More Year Of Your Life. Happy Birthday, Man!


100. Happy Birthday, My 30-Year-Old Grandma.


101. You Asked For It. Here Is Nothing. Happy Birthday.


102. You’re In Mint Condition For A Vintage Model. Happy Birthday Catherine Pulsifer Encouraging


103. It’s Birthday Time Again, And Wow! You’re A Whole Year Older Now! So Clown Around And Have Some Fun To Make This Birthday Your Best One. Happy Birthday!



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