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Funny Valentine’s Day Quotes

1. “Remember, Your Valentine’s Card Shows You Care Enough To Send The Very Best, Even Though You’re Too Lazy To Put It In Your Own Words.” – Melanie White

2. “Love Is The Name Of An Irrepressible Moment Formed Inside One Complete Pulsation Of A Heart” – Munia Khan

3. “The Thing About Valentine’s Day Is That People Discover Who Are Single And Who To Feel Jealous Of.” – Faye Morgan

4. “The Brain Is The Most Outstanding Organ. It Works 24/7, 365 From Birth Until You Fall In Love.” – Sophie Monroe

5. “Without Valentine’s Day, February Would Be…well, January.” –well, January

6. “Marriage Is Like Vitamins: We Supplement Each Other’s Minimum Daily Requirements.”- Kathy Mohnke

7. “I Love Being Married. It’s So Great To Find That One Special Person You Want To Annoy For The Rest Of Your Life.”- Rita Rudner

8. “All You Need Is Love. But A Little Chocolate Now And Then Doesn’t Hurt”.- Charles M. Schulz

9. “True Love Comes Quietly Without Banners Or Flashing Lights. If You Hear Bells, Get Your Ears Checked.”- Erich Segal

10. “Before You Marry A Person, You Should First Make Them Use A Computer With Slow Internet Service To See Who They Really Are”.- Will Ferrell

11. “Valentine’s Day: The Holiday That Reminds You That If You Don’t Have A Special Someone, You’re Alone”.- Lewis Black

12. “My Friends Tell Me I Have An Intimacy Problem, But They Don’t Really Know Me.”- Garry Shandling

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