Funny Wi-Fi Names

25 Funny Wi-Fi Names To Impress Your Neighbors

For the present generation living without their internet connection is a severe punishment. That is probably why they indulge in all kinds of creativity when choosing a suitable name for the same.

For the unaware here are 25 funny Wi-Fi names that would leave you feeling goofy too.

1. This Realization That All Of Your Neighbors Will Know Which Wi-Fi Belongs To You

Just moved into an apartment, setting up the wifi when I saw this.

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2. Umm Okay Then


Source: thechive


3. We Can Hear You Having Sex

joke name 3


4. It Hurts When IP



5. Bill Wi The Scieince Fi

I see your awesome WiFi network name and raise you this gem I discovered


6. Umm Okay Thenthis Wi-Fi Name Spotted In Church

WiFi choices in church today


7. This Warning

Someone’s wifi name


8. This Brilliant Pun

Best wifi name ever


9. Bill

Wifi names visible from my apartment


10. This Groundbreaking Discovery



11. This FBI Stakeout

Just moved into my new apartment, and I decided to look at the WiFi zones, when suddenly…


12.This Religious War

At a work meeting, and there is a WiFi religious war going on….


13. Grammar Disputes

My neighbour’s wifi name was bugging me for ages…


14. “Mom Use This One!”

Was searching for wifi when I saw this from r/funny


15. My Own Damn Internet

Changed My Wifi Name and This Happened


16. FBI Surveillance Van

On a train; It amuses me someone would name their wifi network this


17. Tell My Wifi Love Her

Best wifi name ever


18. Drop It Like It’s Hotspot

wi fi joke


19. Savage

Best Wifi code


20. This Public Wi-Fi Feud

wi fi joke0

Sourse : Image


21. This Small Price To Pay For Free Wi-Fi

Searching for wifi…


22. This Simple Request

My new neighbours WiFi name is nothing but class.


23. These Passive-Aggressive Jabs

My new neighbours WiFi name is nothing but class.


24. This Purposeful Wi-Fi

The WIFI at my school….


25. Ermahgerd Wer Fer

Ermagherd found while checking for wifi in our building… from r/funny


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