60 Funny Words That Will Discombobulate You

The english-language is really crazy. And from this, we mean it comprises several wacky words which seem too odd to be real–yet absolutely are. Therefore, in the event that you love a diverse language and might love to adopt a broader selection of words, then you are in luck!  If you never think we have some clue what this way –then have a glimpse below to find out funniest words in the English vocabulary and also how to make use of them.

Funny words are fun to say. This is a collection of funny words and their meanings. Drop them into your every day vocabulary and make everyday life a bit more fun.

1. Bumfuzzle — To Confuse Someone.


2. Lollygag — To Dawdle Or Be Overly Slow.


3. Nudiustertian — The Recent Past Literally  The Day Before Yesterday.


4. Brouhaha — An Overexcited Response.


5. Snickersnee — A Large Knife.


6. Sialoquent — Spraying Saliva While Speaking.


7. Xertz — To Drink Or Eat Quickly Or Greedily.


8. Nincompoop — A Stupid, Useless Person.


9. Canoodle — To Cuddle Or Get Close To.


10. Pettifogger — An Inferior Lawyer With Dubious Practices.


11. Rigmarole — A Long, Rambling Statement.


12. Collywobbles — Anxiety And Stomach Queasiness.


13. Shenanigan — A Mischevious Activity.


14. Skedaddle — Depart Quickly.


15. Smellfungus — A Habitual Fault – Finder.


16. Snool — To Bully Someone Into Submission.



17. Godwottery — Overelaborate Style Of Speech Or Gardening.


18. Gonzo — Far Out Journalism.


19. Bloviate — To Talk In A Lengthy, Inflated Manner.



20. Fuddy-Duddy — A Person Who Is Old  Fashioned Or Fussy.


21. Bumbershoot — An Umbrella.


23. Impignorate — To Pawn Something.


24. Gobbledygook — Language That Is So Overly  Technical And Complicated It’s Unintelligible.


25. Troglodyte — A Person Who Lives In A Cave.


27. Vomitory — An Entrance Or Exit In A Theater Or Ampitheater.


28. Cantankerous — Overly Argumentative Or Uncooperative.


29. Widdershins — Counterclockwise.


30. Billingsgate — Rough Language Filled With Profanity.


31. Borborygm — A Word For The Noise Your Stomach Makes When It Rumbles.


32. Gardyloo — A Warning Shouted Before Water Or Waste Is Thrown From Above.


33. Malarkey — Nonsense.


34. Ratoon — A Sprout In A Crop Plant.


35. Maltipoo


36. Bumbershoot


37. Doohickey  As “ Gadget;


38. Canoodle  As To Caress, Fondle


40. Diddly-Squat  A Direct Linguistic Cousin To Doodly-Squat.


41. Gobbledegook  Is Language Characterized By Circumlocution And Jargon


42. Cattywampus


43. Fantysheeny

44. Borborygmus


45. Boustrophedon — A Kind Of Ancient Writing That Is Written Right To Left And Left To Right In Alternate Lines.


46. Tittynope —  Tittynope Is What You Call A Small Amount Of Something That’s Simply Leftover.


47. Cockamamie — Implausible.


48. Flibbertigibbet — Some People Are Unreliable And Don’t Seem To Be Bothered By Their Own Silly Vibe.


49. Quire— The Leaves Within A Manuscript.


50. Namby-Pamby — A Person Lacking Energy And Courage.

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