Future Of Content Marketing Getting ‘Heavy’

Why are all the major websites in each industry producing big content?

Answer is simple: because small articles, and light content in general, have no future.

In a world where we are overloaded with poor content, you want to give high quality, detailed information. This explains why all the major websites in each industry are producing big content. 

Five reasons why longer content and blogs will likely have more relevancy going forward are:

  1. The Content Arms Race Likes Big Weapons
  2. The Focus of ROI (Return on Investment)
  3. More Visual Capabilities
  4. Pengin, Panda, and Google like Big Content
  5. Longer Content Gets More Social Shares

Emerging Trends

Long blog posts will be the future of content marketing, and ranking of a post by search engines will be directly proportional to the size of the content.

Other important trends in content creation are:

  • Long blog posts move people to action.
  • The trend of creating exhaustive content is not limited to blog posts; e-book publishers like Hubspot’s  strategy to strategy to generate huge amount of content is working perfectly.
  • Nowadays almost everyone offers an ebook to their subscribers (or another kind of lead magnet).
  • Images are becoming an essential part of quality articles.
  • Infographics have a key role in a highly successful content marketing strategy.
  • Presentation assumes greater significance.  SlideShare, which is the leading social media website where you can upload presentations, is growing.
  • Content marketing is going beyond text. Many sites are currently providing podcasts.
  • Videos have been popular since the birth of YouTube, but now they are key elements in content marketing.

Adapted From: The Future of Content Marketing Revealed

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