Wonder Woman: What Is Gal Gadot’s Net Worth?

When Gal Gadot was first presented to us as the Wonder woman we could not stop us from being amazed at her survivor skills. However, what surprises us the most is the change in fortunes this one role brought to the life of Gal Gadot. For the first movie, she managed to get $300,000 and for the sequel a booming $10 million which is nearly 33 times the initial amount.

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Her career has just started and this seems to be Gal Gadot’s net worth as of now. Initially, her claim to fame was being Mss. Israel in 2004.

Gal Gadot Net Worth After Wonder Woman

Later on, she joined the Armed forces and spent two crucial years of life for the country. Her skills came to use when she bagged the role of Gisele in Fast and Furious released in 2009.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

She later got small-time roles in Knight and Day and Date night before she managed to get the role to die for. Yes, she became the Wonder woman which according to her was a woman who is normal like others but with a few additional abilities.

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When Gal Gadot bagged the role, she earned $300,000 whereas Henry Cavill bagged $14 million for another DC character role i.e. Man of steel.

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This brought forth the income disparity that female actors face in the industry. However, the accusing fingers raised were sure to come into the notice of Warner Bros.

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Thus, when the sequel of Wonder woman was announced Gal Gadot was offered a whopping $10 million which made her second-highest-paid actresses so far. Prior to this Emily Blunt was offered $12 million for her sequel to A quiet place.

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As of now Gal Gadot definitely has her plate full. After Wonder Woman 1984 which releases on June 5, she would be working in a sequel to the classic Justice League.

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In Hedy Lemarr miniseries she would play the role of a Hollywood actress of the 1940s and ’50s. This would be followed by Death on the Nile which is a rendition of an Agatha Christie mystery and would be out in October this year.

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In the end, she would team up with Dwayne Johnson in the Red Notice which is the story of an Interpol agent whose job is to track down an art thief.

Gal Gadot Net Worth

The story looks interesting and the cast is worth your money too. In future Gal Gadot is going to keep getting the kind of movies that would intrigue her fans and that is a given.

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