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First TV Spot For Gal Gadot’s ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Debuts

Wonder Woman 1984 is about to release in another 5 months. However, Warner Bros want to give it just the right exposure that it requires.

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They launched the first trailer last week and are now not wasting any time before introducing the first TV spot. It premiered on the AFC championship game that happened between Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs on CBS channel.

This TV spot though did not show any footage from the upcoming movie but this could just be the beginning of it.

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Before this Warner Bros has never done any TV spots for any of its movies but with Wonder Woman’s sequel around the corner, they might do just that. So far, they have managed to keep the details of the movie under total wraps.

Gal Gadot has gained a lot from her Wonder Woman character and it is quite possible that she would continue to soar after the sequel is released.

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Her character in the previous movie gained a lot of accolades for her and it is expected in the sequel she may get to explore her strengths on a bigger scale.

The adversaries she may get to face could be the same or different no one knows as we still do not have much information about the same.

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As of now we have just seen the trailer and gained some insights from the same about what the plot could be all about. It is quite likely that the sequel would see Gal Gadot’ Diana Prince come into a fight with the Soviet Union as it existed in the 1980s.

While this much information is not sufficient to guarantee attention it sure has raised the interest levels of the people who had been eagerly waiting for the sequel. Another update that we have been getting is that this time the wonder woman has a formidable adversary.

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His name is Cheetah and he is sure to test all her nerves before she may finally get to conquer him. The sequel has been directed by Patty Jenkins and it boasts of having a strong cast this time.

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Apart from Gal Gadot, you would find actors like Chris Pine, Kirsten Wigg, Pedro Pascal, Natasha Rothwell, Ravi Patel, and others.

The script has been written by David Callaham and when the movie releases on 5th June this year we do expect it to pack some punches indeed.

Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date : 25 Dec 2020

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

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