Get An L1 Visa

How Hard Is It To Get An L1 Visa?

Get An L1 Visa

Registering to have an L1 Visa is not easy as you thought. Not all people can get this kind of endorsement. For that reason, we gathered some information about How Hard Is It To Get An L1 Visa. So, take part as we give you the things you need in this affidavit.

When you wish to transfer to a US corporation, you need to be an administrator, director, and exclusive comprehension individual.

These three kinds of positions are somehow the best option to consider. Many US corporations have given you many opportunities, especially when you are one of your corporation’s assets.

However, this procedure is only accessible for those working in a corporation with a US satellite or offices.

Moreover, the US corporation serves as the petitioner for those who apply for the US endorsement. Also, the employee serves as the beneficiary.

There are also two kinds of it. L1A is the first kind that is an endorsement for the administrator and directors only. On the other hand, there is the L1B Visa for an individual with complete comprehension.

This endorsement is not only for those who applied for it. If the US embassy grants the request, their spouse and children also benefit from the future.

For their spouse, finding jobs is possible in the US. Also, for their unmarried children below the age of 21, they can study there freely.

Furthermore, if you want to know the list of the prerequisites for getting this US endorsement, keep on navigating this article, including the reliable information that needs preparation.

You also need to follow the instructions and conditions to make the procedure quicker.

Types of L1 Visa Requirements

This section contains information about the list of the prerequisites that you must prepare. Each of these data is essential to get straightforward proceeds.

It can also serve as guidelines that have a significant contribution to this endorsement approval. It consists of the following;

The overseas corporation and the US corporation need to have an association qualification.

This condition needs to be adequate to make your US endorsement happen. Your corporation needs to have a solid and reliable association to make significant proceeds to get the US corporation’s endorsement.

Aside from that, there are three types of competent associations between them. Here is the following;

Parent or Subsidiary

This type also has its condition.

  • Between those two corporations’ associations, one needs to have the power or own more than half of the other corporation.
  • The partnership is also one of the qualifications and needs to own half of the other corporation.
  • Also, one of them needs to, and less than 50% of the corporation has the power.

Branch Headquarters

This competent alliance is another type of reliable association.

As with that parent corporation, the satellite workplace is the same corporation. However, you can see this in discrete whereabouts.

The association needs an overseas corporation registration qualification that runs in America.



  • Both corporations have the power equally under one individual or parent.
  • The same group of people has authority over both corporations. Each of them has equal shares and portions of each corporation.
  • It involves an international accounting agency.

2. Within the last three years (one year) before arranging the L1 petition, the worker needs continuous tasks under the corporation when they depart in America.

The legal standing for a department of the time you spent in the same director in the US for the transaction needs not to interrupt in a year continuously.

Thus, it doesn’t count in the year of certified employment. By the time your director filed your endorsement request, it needs satisfaction in your whole year of employment qualification.

Moreover, it has a minimum of 35 hours a week of full-time employment. Hence, it also has a restriction, and you don’t need to reach these hours if you have multiple affiliates.

3. The Managerial, director, and exclusive comprehension capabilities are the overseas corporation’s preferred employment.

As we mentioned earlier, the only required workers who can qualify for the US endorsement prerequisites are the administrator, directors, and people with complete comprehension. That is why here is the list of the capabilities that you need;

Managerial Capability

The first on the list is directorial capability. It refers to the individual’s ability to manage a corporation, enterprise, institution, department, etc.

It is the authority to control and supervise supervisory, directorial workers, institutional administration, and others. Besides, in this kind of capability, you have the power to appoint and eject the workers for some reason.

Executive Capability

It administers the administration of the institution. It also involves the central element or function of the corporation. They initiate the vision admission, rules, and directives of the institution. Practice broad optional pledged.

Moreover, it also gets the supervision of the higher-ups in a particular corporation or institution.

Specialized Knowledge

You can consider it as the advanced stage of comprehension of the proceeds and process, corporation products, and the international market’s requests of a corporation.

The task of the worker must be in directorial, administrative, and exclusive comprehension capability.

As we mentioned a moment ago, see the information on top to know more about these capabilities.


We are grateful to have you here up to this moment. The information we mentioned on top has a significant impact on achieving your endorsement.

We include the list of the prerequisites for the needed records. It can provide excellent preparation to make your request reliable.

Besides, for some reason, if you are planning to be part of this transferring worker, it is better to take a look at this list of prerequisites and be competent if you have plans hereupon.

It can serve as a great guideline to classify the records that you have earlier. So, ensure that you meet the needed form and pass it altogether.

Thank you for reading this information. We hope that we can help you in this matter. Be one of the workers that have an excellent reputation in your field of interest. Good luck!


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