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Go Paperless With These Android Apps

Even though we are experiencing constant evolution of our technology, many office spaces – professional as well as the ones in our homes – stay buried under big piles of paper that are constantly accumulating. These piles destroy trees, create clutter and make it very difficult to find a specific document.

So the best thing would be to go paperless. And don’t cry over time and effort that might take you to achieve that.

There are some really innovative mobile apps that you can use to easily digitize your paper documents and stash them on your computer hard drive or in the cloud.

Go Paperless With These Android Apps

Before we jump into the applications it’s important to know that not all apps are the same. There are thousands or maybe even million productivity apps available in the marker, so it could be really hard finding the right ones.

Going paperless doesn’t mean installing every productivity app you came across, it means utilizing right apps and making the whole process more efficient. The following apps will help you start your paperless journey.

It is a good idea to know them better, learn how they function and try to implement them even outside your paperless goals.


1. Image to Word – Picture Scanner with OCR

This app is absolutely a must for the ones who want to go paperless. Simply convert pictures of invoices, contracts, reports or any other paper documents to editable MS Word format.

In that way, you would eliminate the need for manual retyping the whole documents. Beside converting already taken photos, you can also use the app’s built-in document scanner with OCR for scanning and afterward for rotating and cropping the image.

Besides photos and pictures, the app can also convert screenshots and files from various cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox and more. This app is great since not only it allows you to scan documents, but it also enables you to convert and edit them right on your device.


2. DocuSign


With over 50 million users worldwide, this app is the most popular eSignature and Digital Transaction Management platform in the world.

The app is extremely easy to use and it has an intuitive user interface. By using this app you will eliminate the need for printing and signing documents since everything can be done electronically right on your mobile device.

DocuSign seamlessly integrates with other third-party apps and it can even be custom integrated with the system you or your company are already using.

It offers unlimited free signings and various upgrade options for more serious users. The app is safe to use, it has many high-level security certifications in both the US and Europe and it complies with the eSign Act which meant that signed documents are legally binding.


3. Greenvelope

Greenvelope Invitations by Text Email Online

There are many go paperless apps that fit right into your social schedule and Greenvelope is a very useful one. It will help you create digital invitations to all kind of events (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, bachelorette parties etc.), save-the-dates and more.

Potential guests will get personalized envelopes that open in their inboxes. The app has an advanced guest list management feature that lets you specify who can bring their partners or kids with them, send invitations to multiple attendees in one household or see who opened and viewed your invitations.


4. Dropbox

Best Cloud Backup Services

Everybody knows about this app, but it wouldn’t be fair not to mention at least one cloud storage service. This app is great since it allows you to keep all your files safely backed up in the cloud instead of in paper form scattered around your office.

It also comes with some really neat perks like support for collaborative working meaning that you and your colleagues can work on the same document at different times and from different locations.

And the fact that your files are accessible on multiple devices wherever you are is just phenomenal.


5. Evernote


Forget about sticky notes and say hello to Evernote. It is one of the most effective apps you can use when it comes to going paperless. As the name suggests, it allows users to take notes as well as other things like save photograph receipts, audio files, pictures and even clip web pages.

Your notes are synced across all your devices so there is no need to be scared of losing track of them. You can even create different notebooks in order to organize your invoices, receipts, memos, and bills. It is a great app to have and we strongly suggest installing it.

As you can see from this great list, going paperless is not as hard as it seems. Once you get the hang of it and get familiar with all the apps, you will really start enjoying tidier office or house free of misplaced papers. The other benefit is that you will really make the difference since you will be saving the environment.

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