Goggle Now Is Available on iOS Devices

Google Now

Google Now has become available on iOS devices. Google Now is about giving you just the right information at just the right time,” Google said in a blog post. Google Now has been an integrated feature of Android 4.1 since June 2012, but now, it will, for the first time, be available on the iOS platform. Instead of launching it as a standalone app, the search giant has introduced it as part of the existing Google Search  app.

Google Now for iOS is expected to be a big hit for Google. iPhone and iPad users may find Google Now as an equivalent substitute to Siri and Apple Maps — two Apple apps which have received lukewarm response from market.

How Google Now Works
  • It automatically presents users with information based on location, search history and more, without any action required by the user
  • It learns about its user through their activities and their history in various Google services
  • It then serves up weather forecasts, traffic reports, boarding passes, sports scores and other information when they may be relevant.

Adapted From: Google Now Goes Live For iOS

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