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100 Good Questions To Ask A Guy To Make Him Your Bae FASTER

What makes men tick and how can you impress him to have the relationship you want?

Asking meaningful questions can kickstart the conversation which may spark your relationship. Understanding a man’s sensibilities can help you enrich your relationship with him.

Use carefully these good questions to ask a guy to get to know him QUICK! These questions will do the trick.​

1. What Is One Thing That Brings A Smile To Your Face, No Matter The Time Of Day?


2. When You’re Feeling Super Lazy, What’s Your Guilty Pleasure Netflix Show?


3. What Is Something You’re Talented At?


4. What Would Be Your Ideal First Date?


5. What’s The Best Thing About Your Life Right Now?

6. What’s One Thing You Want To Do Before You Die?


7. What Is One Thing That You’re Thankful For?


8. What’s Your Favorite Thing To Do On The Weekends?


9. What’s A Favorite Memory With A Pet/animal?


10. Did You Have A Close Bond With Your Parents?


11. What Do You Think Your Best Physical Feature Is?


12. What Was Your Biggest Achievement?


13.what’s The Hardest Thing, Physically, You’ve Ever Done?


14. What Was Your First Crush Like?


15. What’s Your Go-to Drink/food/activity When You’re Sick And In Bed?


16. What Scares You The Most About The Future?


17. What’s Your Favorite Book?


18. What’s Your Favorite Social Media Profile?


19. What’s One Thing You Wish You Could Change About Yourself?


20. Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?


21. What’s One Thing That Defines Who You Are?


22. What’s Your Favourite Song From Your Teenage Years?


23. Where’s The Coolest Place You’ve Ever Been/traveled To?


24. What’s One Thing, Silly Or Serious, That You’re Guilty Of?


25. What’s Your Favorite Vacation Place?

26. What Is Your Favourite Scent?


27. How Would Others Describe You?


28. If You Were Writing A Book About Your Life, What Would The Title Be?


29. What’s Your Favorite Vacation Place?


30. What Is Your Favourite Summer Memory?


31. Do You Like Any Sports?


32. What’s The Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Done For A Girl?


33. What’s The Movie Scene You Loved The Most?


34. How Do You Like To Dance?


35. Can You Make Pancakes?


36. What Are Your Most Beloved Artists, And Why?


37. What Was The Worst Winter Of Your Life?


38. What Are Your Mornings Like?


39. What Are You Most Proud About?


40. What Are Some Of The Things You Wish A Girl Knew Before Dating You?


41. Where Would You Like To Spend The Rest Of Your Life If You Could?


42. Are You Fond Of Who You Are?


43. Would You Give Away Everything You Had If You Were Promised To Be Forever Young?


44. Do You Believe Everyone We Meet Is Meant To Teach Us A Lesson About Ourselves?


45. Have You Ever Been In Love?


46. Are You A Morning Person Or Night Person?


47. Tell Me About The One Who Got Away.


48. What Would You Take With You On A Deserted Island?


49. What Would Your Dream Vacation Consist Of If Money Wasn’t A Factor?


50. Are You Pro Choice Or Pro Life?


51. Do You Believe In God? Do You Have Role Models And Idols, And Who Are They?


52. What Kind Of Childhood Did You Have?


53. What Alcoholic Drink Best Describes Your Personality?


54. What Do You Expect From A Love Relationship?


55. What Does Your Perfect Relationship Look Like?


56. What Expectations Do You Have Of Yourself?


57. If You Could Go Back 10 Years, What Would You Tell Yourself?


58. What Do You Enjoy Most Doing?


59. What Is Your Dream Romantic Date Like?


60. If You Were Going To Die In One Hour, What Would You Do?


61. Do You Prefer Good Sex Or A Good Hug?


62. What Is Your Favorite Food?


63. When Was The Last Time You Panicked?


64. What Is Your Favorite Character From Childhood?


65. What’s A Personality Trait Of Yours That You Wish You Could Get Rid Of?


67. Are Women Equal To Men?


68. What Stresses You Out?


69. What Is Your Favorite Scene Ever In A Movie?


70. What Is The Happiest Event Of Your Life?


71. What’s The Sexiest Dream You’ve Ever Had?


72. Do You Think Nerds Are Sexy?


73. What Or Who Would You Sacrifice Your Life For?


74. When Was The Last Time You Did Something Nice For Someone?


75. What Keeps You Up At Night?


76. Is The Physical Appearance Of Girls The Most Important?


77. What’s Your Go To Favorite Movie?


78. What Are Your Personal Goals?


79. What Is Your Favorite Kind Of Animal?


80. What Do You Find Attractive In A Woman?

81. Do You Think That Stems From A Previous Experience?


82. Do You Want To Have A Big Wedding? Or A Small One?


83. What Are Your Interests?


84. Do You Think You Could Fall In Love With Me?


85. How Do You Like To Veg Out?

86. Are You Proud To Be Part Of The Human Race?


86. What Are Your Favourite Books, Tv Shows, Or Movies? Why?


87. What Movie Changed Your Perspective On Life?


88. Have You Been In Love Before?


89. What Are You Afraid Of In Life?


90. Who Is Someone You Looked Up To When You Were A Kid?

91. What’s The Main Reason You Get Out Of  Bed Every Day


92. Who’s Your Least Favorite Family Member?


93. What Do You Enjoy Most Doing?


94. What’s One Thing You Wouldn’t Change About Your Life?


95. What Is Your Favorite Hobby?


96. What Would Be For Dessert?


97. Do You Keep Up With Current Events?


98. What’s Your Favorite Drink And Why?


99. What Is The Best Advice You Would Give Someone?


100. What Cause Are You Most Passionate About?


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