Google Introduces Adsense Scorecard For Publishers To Improve Their Sites’ Performance

Google  has introduced the publisher scorecard to help you understand how your site is performing relative to the sites of other AdSense publishers,close on the heels of completing its 10 years. Google Adsense scorecard  provides you with a summary of how well your ad settings, webpages and content are performing relative to other AdSense publishers.

This publisher scorecard is organized into different categories, such as revenue optimization and site health,  and  each category is  scored on a scale of one to five blue dots indicating your performance. A Google  Adsense publisher will also be able to see updates to your score as you make improvements.

Google Adsense Scorecard

More interestingly, Google will  not take any action on low scores, since this scorecard is just an informational tool only to give you greater insights into how your site is performing.

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