Google+ Launches Pages for Brands In challenge to Facebook

Google+ has taken  another major step needed toward becoming a full-fledged Facebook rival. It’s launching Google+ Pages, which allow brands, products, companies, businesses, places, groups, and everyone else to establish a presence on the service. The product is a lot like Facebook Pages, but there’s one major difference: Google is baking some elements of Google+ Pages deep into its bread-and-butter search product.

If you’ve established a personal Google+ profile before, then the features offered through a Page will be familiar. You can place people into Circles, which lets you share content with specific sets of users. You can launch video hangouts, which lets you have face-to-face conversations with your followers. And the Pages work through the site’s mobile app.

Source: ” Google+ Launches Pages, Opens Floodgates For Brands (And Everything Else) “, Tech Crunch

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