Google To Take On Spotify

When it comesto choosing music services, we have a huge catalog to choose from, but “getting that music organized and playing quickly is too hard”. Google’s just launched on-demand subscription music service, “Google Play Music All Access” promises to “give you access to great music but also guides you through it”.

The service, launched in the US for $9.99 a month, has web and mobile interfaces which feature millions of songs you can play instantly, recommendations, charts and playlists, and instant radio stations.

Available to phone and tablet users, the Android-based service will challenge established players such as Spotify.

However, it is not going to be an easy task to take on Spotify which has huge head start with 24 million active users and 6 million paying subscribers. However, Google Play Music All Access might never become a market leader, or even make Google much money directly; it fits into Google’s Android phone strategy. With Google Play Music, it could get people buying more Android phones, which lead to plenty of other revenue for Google.


  • It lets you listen to millions of songs across your devices.
  • You can create a radio station from any song or artist you love, browse recommendations from Google’s expert music team or explore by genre.
  • And when millions of songs just aren’t enough, Google Play Music lets you combine its collection with your own collection.
  • You can store 20,000 songs for free in the cloud and listen to them alongside the All Access catalog.

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Google Launches “Google Play Music All Access” On-Demand $9.99 A Month Subscription Service


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