Google Unveils Save To Drive Button

When it comes to a one-click clipping button for saving web files for later interest, Google has been playing catch-up to the likes of Pocket and Evernote. On May 9, Google announced the development of a ‘Save to Drive’ button which enables website visitors to save files directly from a website to Google’s cloud storage service Drive.

Describing the features of the new button, Google developer advocate Nicolas Garnier said in a blog post: The “Save to Drive” button is an easier way to save files directly from a website. If you have your own website, you can improve the experience for your site visitors by adding the “Save to Drive” button to your page using two easy lines of HTML.

The Save to Drive button enables your web site to allow users to save files to their Drive account from an arbitrary URL via their browser. The button is configured with a few attributes in a div tag in the HTML markup, similar to how the +1 button is created.

To know, how Save To Drive button works click:


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