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8 Actionable Ways (Tested) To Grow Your Email List In 2022

Being a primary driver for traffic, email marketing is a great way to promote any new or existing business. Email list-building contributes as an essential factor in making it a successful campaign.

According to a report, an email creates $42 for every $1 invested, a 4,200 percent return on investment, making it one of the most effective solutions accessible. It shows that email list-building can significantly impact one’s marketing campaigns, traffic, and sales.

What Is An Email List & Why Is It Important?

To put it briefly, an email list is a collection of email addresses from visitors or customers who’ve opted to engage and get regular brand updates regarding new launches, promotions, or discounts.

Over time, an email list may grow or shrink as old customers unsubscribe and new ones join. Yet, compiling an email list allows businesses to welcome their visitors, engage with new customers, and create an opportunity to share information about their business.

Here are some other primary reasons why email list-building is essential to all businesses:

  • It is a low-cost marketing strategy
  • You can reach out to your targeted audience
  • It can grow your business and help boost sales
  • You can get return visitors/customers & build a solid customer base
  • It can help build a strong customer relationship
  • It can help in the launch of new products/services

Ahead, we’ll explain how to grow your email list using these steps.

Select A Reliable Email Marketing Platform

A recent study states that 64% of subscribers open their emails depending on who they’re from, vs. 47% who open them based on their mail’s subject line.

Investing in any solid email marketing software will allow you to save time while establishing your email list from scratch and maximise the full potential of valuable data collected.

Selecting an email marketing platform is the first step in establishing an email list. It can help develop basic/advanced email campaigns and manage connections with email services such as Gmail and Outlook much more feasible.

Whether you’re starting or have gained immense knowledge in the field, using these Mailchimp alternatives will help you create powerful, engaging branded content in a breeze.

Businesses will reach their database in time and share relevant brand messaging to gain loyal customers to grow their enterprise.

Create Calls-To-Action (CTAs) for Your Website/Landing Page

It is unusual for customers to find ways to join a business’s email list independently. Instead, businesses should use social media platforms and web pages to capture more potential customers by offering engaging brand content.

Even if businesses may not have the resources to develop high-quality content, it should represent the brand’s core messaging and add value to the customers’ lives.

Taking it further, as part of your email list-building strategy, businesses can personalize their CTAs based on their customer’s interests to drive higher conversions by 42%.

Design plays a vital role in CTA optimization and enables the viewer’s decision-making process without overly communicating. For instance, creating more negative space around your CTA buttons can increase the chances of conversion by 232%.

The primary Call-to-Action (CTA) text should look clean and engaging but be specific and benefit the viewer. Whether in a headline, button, or link, it should not communicate the text too aggressively.

For example, with a big, blue, impossible-to-miss button that welcomes new visitors to “Start Your Free Month,” Netflix handles this exceptionally well.

Incentivize People To Sign-Up

After picking an email platform, the next step is to set up a method to collect all the email addresses of visitors on your website.

While they may be hesitant to share their data at first, offering some incentive, benefit, or valuable information can help build a high-quality email list.

Instead of an email registration form stating, “Sign up to our email list to receive some amazing content,” businesses can increase their conversions by building a lead capture tool.

Businesses can use an effective lead magnet to entice individuals to sign up for your email marketing campaign. Mentioned below are a few examples of effective lead magnets:

  • Offering free eBooks, pdfs, case studies, white papers, etc.
  • Offering a free trial/sample of the product/service
  • Featuring fun quizzes/puzzles, surveying for research
  • Offering a promo code, discount coupon, or voucher in exchange
  • Offering expert advice with free registration to a webinar/podcast

Organize Giveaways

Additionally, running giveaways (immediate incentives) is also a practical approach to accelerate growth for email list-building. It will increase your brand awareness, user engagement, generate leads and help grow your business network.

In a recent survey, Video Fruit created a massive subscriber base with 0 to 205 subscribers in just two days. Instead of capturing innumerable email addresses, businesses can promote giveaways on their social media handles to attract high-quality customers.

These unique customers hold a current interest in the company’s products, which can be advantageous for marketing campaigns in the future.

Make The Most Out Of Your Social Media Accounts

There is no denying that social media platforms have revolutionised the digital marketing space. It’s a powerful tool that can help in the email list-building process.

According to a recent report 60% of consumers subscribe to a brand’s email list to receive promotional messages, compared to 20% of consumers who will follow brands on social media to get bargains.

Using your official social media handles, you can expand the lead-generation process by including a sign-up button or opt-in form on the profile/bio. It’s easy to accomplish, and can make a great difference if you’re starting a new venture.

Make Use Of A Scroll Box

It is easy to lose a customer if you push them too hard to subscribe. The scroll box solves that problem by simply requesting visitors to share their email addresses at the end of each content piece. The key here is timing and understanding when consumers are most likely to convert.

How does a business examine this? By using A/B testing. It can help business owners identify the “perfect time” depending on visitors’ on-page behaviour.

Thus the scroll box becomes an efficient tool for lead creation when practised with consistency and proper testing technique.

Create A New Sign-Up Referral Program

This traditional word-of-mouth marketing strategy is the most effective way to build brand trust. Nothing compares to having your customers spread the word about your company significantly when rapidly increasing your email list.

A personal recommendation is a surefire approach to get customers to sign up for the mailing list. Therefore, creating and implementing a referral program for new members is crucial. Fortunately, several tools like Tapfiliate and Partnerstack make the entire process simple and user-friendly.

Create A Viral Contest

Every interaction with the user can make your business seem more compelling. A tried and tested strategy is to generate user-based content to increase engagement and conversions.

Participants are encouraged to share the contest with their friends and family in exchange for additional entries, increasing brand visibility, enhancing customer relations, and helping the contest go viral. In addition, they must also share their email address before joining, making this a list-building approach.


Email lists are one of the most effective marketing strategies for any business. The key is to be consistent and understand the consumer.

Email marketing allows you to curate highly personalised customer engagement, driving more traffic to your business.

Following the simple yet efficient strategies mentioned above, you now have a strong chance of building your subscriber email list to maximise your conversion goals and contribute to the success of your business.

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