Growing Your Company

4 Ways To Conserve When Growing Your Company

As the pressures to go green grow stronger, you may be wondering what you can do as a business owner to cut back. Fortunately, there are many small changes within your power that can make a big difference. Here are just four of the possibilities.

Growing Your Company

1. Be Conscious Of Lighting And HVAC Usage

Unnecessary lighting is a major waste of electricity, resources and money. The same is true for heating and cooling systems.

Lowering or raising temperatures by just a few degrees can make a major difference in your energy bills and usage over time. Of course, it is important to ensure employees and customers remain comfortable and work with sufficient light, but if you can cut back you should.

Utilize natural light where possible as it has better health and productivity benefits than artificial light.

2. Go Digital And Reuse Paper

Going paperless is one of the best ways to conserve resources at your company as you expand. Write company memos in e-mails, send customers their invoices digitally and switch to an online filing system. All of these measures reduce paper usage and carry other benefits.

Using an online filing system, for example, keeps your files secure and backed up in the case of a disaster such as a fire. You can also reuse paper, such as using an incorrect printing as scratch paper. Be sure to recycle paper instead of throwing it away as well.

3. Use Energy-Efficient Equipment

When you replace your equipment that is aged or broken, you should always sell electrical equipment that is no longer of use to your company.

Throwing away broken or unworkable equipment is a total waste of resources, as there are plenty of companies out there that would be willing to pay money for that scrap and put it to good use.

Not only is this an eco-friendly solution, but it also helps companies regain some of the money they invested in that equipment to begin with, especially if that equipment failed before it was expected to need replacing.

4. Use Recycled Material For Packaging

Using recycled material in your product packaging does not only conserve resources and help the environment. It also serves as a good marketing point to customers, who view sustainability favorably. Recycled material can include plastics in packaging and papers in boxes.

As your company begins going through more resources as it grows, it simply makes sense to use recycled material in order to keep your packaging as sustainable as possible.

While normal packaging leaves little impact on your customers and is quickly discarded, recyclable materials show your clients that you are innovative, aware, and conscientious of your effect on the public.

Conserving resources should be the goal of any company, especially as it grows and has greater usage needs. The four ways outlined above are fairly simple methods to make a difference.

Plan to use them to enjoy a better reputation, save money, preserve the environment and overall boost your company to greater practices that sustain both the company itself and the public well-being.

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