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Guilt is a common human emotion – as you can see in these conviction quotes. Guilt isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Making mistakes and regretting them helps you stay true to your moral code. It changes us and pushes us to become better people. Guilty quotes for her make her feel real guilt.

But many people feel guilty about things they shouldn’t do. Guilt stems from an individual’s beliefs about what is right and what is wrong. Therefore, if someone does the same thing as someone else who suffers from guilt, they do not feel guilty. Guilt quotes by influential people and celebrities present different opinions on the subject. Guilt should lead to actions that show remorse and attempts to change behavior when it feels appropriate.

But some do not take that step and instead indulge in their guilt. This can lead to feelings of shame, inadequacy, and self-doubt. Shame can also cause physical symptoms of discomfort. This includes stomach pain, trouble sleeping, and eating disorders. Shame is an emotion to deal with before it wears you down.

Guilt is not a reaction to anger. It is a reaction to one’s actions or inactions. If it leads to change, it can help because it is no longer guilt but the beginning of knowledge. But more often than not, guilt is another name for helplessness, a protective force that destroys communication. It becomes a safeguard against ignorance, a means of keeping things as they are, and the ultimate safeguard of immutability.

Guilty Quotes For Her

1. “An insatiable appetite for glory leads to sacrifice and death, but innate instinct leads to self-preservation and life.”– Jose Marti

2. “Good instincts usually tell you what to do long before your head has figured it out.”– E. Michael Burke

3. “Instinct is the direct connection with truth.”– Laurette Taylor

4. “Instinct is intelligence incapable of self-consciousness.”– John Sterling

5. “The truth of your instincts is the root of your foundation.”– Sanford Meisner

6. “Follow your instincts. That’s where true wisdom manifests itself.”– Oprah Winfrey

7. “The repression of virtuous instinct in the modern world is an incremental tragedy. Repress one instinct, and you repress many; other parts of consciousness go down, also.”– Michael Leunig

8. “Instinct is the nose of the mind.”– Delphine de Girardin

Guilty Quotes For Him

9. “My gut feelings and my faith tell me that until God shuts a door, no human can shut it.”– Olusegun Obasanjo

10. “Of course, you can never really know if someone is fully revealing himself to you or not, so all we can go by is our own gut feelings.”– Brian McGinn

11. “Instinct must be thwarted just as one prunes the branches of a tree so that it will grow better.”– Henri Matisse

12. “If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.”– Jerry Seinfeld

13. “Trust your hunches. Hunches are usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.”– Joyce Brothers

14. “The very essence of instinct is that it’s followed independently of reason.”– Charles Darwin

15. “Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of someone else’s.”– Billy Wilder

16. “Never ignore a gut feeling, but never believe that it’s enough.”– Robert Heller

17. “Love starts with a gut feeling, but that gut feeling better be nourished.”– Vanessa Paradis

18. “One life to live, live it to the fullest. If you have doubts or your gut feeling says something, listen. Don’t waste time, time will waist you.”– Behdad Sami

19. “If you mean, “My gut feeling is telling me this; therefore I can act on it and I don’t have to worry,” we say you should never trust your gut.”– Gary A. Klein

20. “By the time you’re 18, 19, you know yourself, and you shouldn’t go against your gut feeling, which is a temptation in the first year of university.”– Kimberley Nixon

Mistake Guilty Quotes

21. “You need to take your gut feeling as an important data point, but then you have to consciously and deliberately evaluate it, to see if it makes sense in this context.”– Gary A. Klein

22. “The difference between shame and guilt is the difference between “I am bad” and “I did something bad.”– Brene Brown

23. “It has always seemed that a fear of judgement is the mark of guilt and the burden of insecurity.”– Criss Jami

24. “Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind.”– William Shakespeare

25. “It’s funny how guilty people start to question your spirituality and education only because they have nothing to say that will justify their faults.”– J.B. Albano

26. “Guilt is always hungry, don’t let it consume you.”– Terri Guillemets

27. “My guiding principle is this: Guilt is never to be doubted.”– Franz Kafka

28. “Guilt is just as powerful, but its influence is positive, while shame’s is destructive. Shame erodes our courage and fuels disengagement.”– Brene Brown

Guilty Quotes For Friends

29. “Our guilt has its uses. It justifies much in the lives of others.”– Max Frisch

30. “No guilt is forgotten so long as the conscience still knows of it.”– Stefan Zweig

31. “I used to fell a lot of guilt about having depression but then I realized that’s a lot like feeling guilty for having brown hair.” -Jenny Lawson

32. “‘Go away’, she said to the guilt… Guilt wanted her most when she least wanted it.” -Ann Brashares

33. “I can’t think of another type of illness where the sufferer is made to feel guilty and question their self-care when their medications need to be changed.” -Jenny Lawson

34. “We were a Family, a happy Family, and we stayed that way until I stopped showing up.” -James Frey

35. “I want to confess everything, to hand over the guilt and mistake and anger to someone else.” -Laurie Halse Anderson

36.  “I’m well aware that at the back of my mind, thumping quietly like a drumbeat, are the twin horrors of Guilt and Panic.” -Sophie Kinsella

37. “Maybe, if I wear the glasses long enough, I can be like her. I can see what she saw. I can be both of us at once so no one will have to miss her, most of all me.” -Jennifer Niven

Never Feel Guilty Quotes

38. “Guilt management can be just important as time management for mothers.” -Sheryl Sandberg

39. “Yet how much really could you owe other people? Was it endless? ” -Gregory Maguire

40. “I am a house gutted by fire where only the guilty sometimes sleep before the punishment that devours them hounds them out in the open.” -Rainer Maria Rilke

41. “Why am I not dead? I should be dead. It would best for everyone if I were dead.” -Suzanne Collins

42. “Thou art the man, Thou the accursed polluter of this land.” -Sophocles

43. “My doctrine is this, that if we see cruelty or wrong that we have the power to stop, and do nothing, we make ourselves sharers in the guilt.” -Anna Sewell

44. “Guilt, of course, is feeling bad about one’s actions, but shame is feeling bad about oneself.” -Greg Boyle

45. “And you told me you wanted children. That more than anything, you wanted to be a mother.” -Nicholas Sparks

46. “It’s no fun picking on you Louis; you’re so guilty, it’s like throwing darts at a glob of jello, there’s no satisfying hits, just quivering, the darts just blop in and vanish.” -Tony Kushner

47. “Part of me felt guilty. Was it selfish that I wanted to live, even though my parents were gone?” -Ruta Sepetys

48. “It was obvious to everyone that Mafatu was useless upon the sea. He would never earn his proper place in the tribe. Stout Heart- how bitter the name must taste upon his father’s lips!” -Armstrong Sperry

49. “Guilt is a hunter. My conscience mocked me, picking fights like a petulant child. It’s all your fault, the voice whispered.” -Ruta Sepetys

50. “Everything was filthy. Especially my conscience.” -Ruta Sepetys

51. “Survival had its price: guilt.” -Ruta Sepetys

52. “All the running, the hiding, the lies, the killing, for what? The endless circle of revenge: answering pain by inflicting pain. Why did I do it?” -Ruta Sepetys

54. “This is the first time I ever felt really actually in danger of hell.” -Stephen King

55. If you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. -Alan Moore

56. “I didn’t say you threw it. I just said ‘Run.’ You should’ve run.” -Walter Dean Myers

57. “The guilt on him, the hand of God pressing down on him.” -Alice Sebold

58. “He was trying to convince himself that he wasn’t guilty.” -Walter Dean Myers

59. “I was mighty down-hearted; so I made up my mind I wouldn’t ever go anear that house again, because I reckoned I was to blame, somehow.” -Mark Twain

60. “It was you who did it, Lily. You didn’t mean it, but it was you.” -Sue Monk Kidd

Sorry Feeling Guilty Quotes

61. “Guilt is the fear of one’s own wretchedness. It has nothing to do with other people.” -Tara Westover

62. “Why mundanes always insist on taking responsibility for things that aren’t their fault is a mystery to me. You didn’t force that cocktail down his idiotic throat.” -Cassandra Clare

63. “In defense of her wounded pride he would have torn the offender to pieces with his own hands. And here that offender was he himself.” -Boris Pasternak

64. “We’d had three assemblies last year alone, and every time I waited for a giant spotlight to come out of the auditorium ceiling and shine on my seat.” -Tess Oliver

65. “Mostly, I was feeling guilty at the thought of it. I’d been hiding in sleazy motels, and she’d had no one to talk to.” -Tess Oliver

66. “I should have been there for her. She was so totally alone. She should have been there for me. I was so totally alone. We should never have been separated.” -Tess Oliver

67. “The single mothers who are coming to this country, and the children who follow them, are changing the face of immigration to the United States.” -Sonia Nazario

68. “People come here to prosper. You have nothing here. What have you accomplished?” -Sonia Nazario

69. “Where were my instincts? Isn’t the female of the species hardwired to recognize her own offspring?” -Kathryn Kennish

70. “Your pain and anger will pass, but the guilt would remain with you for always.” -Dodie Smith

When the Guilty feeling enters the mindset, it is hard for anyone to come out of it. Even the hardest of people find it tough to get over the feeling. We as humans tend to make mistakes, and then the sense of guilt does not leave us.

We understand the pitiable situation that you are facing. Hence we have compiled these Guilty quotes that you can use to escape the hard times. The karma comes back to us, and then it is only these messages that can let you break free.

No more you have to deal with any bad vibes any more. Here are quotes about the guilt you can go through in such a situation. It is normal to feel defensive toward anyone. The guilty pleasure of losing your cool also takes its toll on you.

Here you can read some Guilty conscience quotes that would give you inner peace. Don’t let your mind waver and dedication fail. Read these; a guilty person gets defensive saying and bring back yourself to normalcy.

We want you to absolve yourself of any bad thoughts creeping in. Use the Guilty quotes for her and for him to relieve your heart from all pain. The sayings would let you relax and restart your life once again. Read on and thank us later, as we have picked quotes from all types. You can even mention them to someone who is going through the same phase as you.

Guilty Conscience Quotes

  1. “Every guilty person is his own hangman.” – Seneca
  2. “How tedious is a guilty conscience!” – John Webster
  3. “The best asset is a clean conscience.” – Polish Proverb
  4. “No guilty man is acquitted at the bar of his own choice.”
  5. “A guilty conscience never feels secure.” – Publilius Syrus
  6. “Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.” – Voltaire
  7. “An uneasy conscience is a hair in the mouth.” – Mark Twain
  8. “Fear is the tax that conscience pays to guilt.” – George Sewell
  9. “There is no such thing as a guilty pleasure.” – Douglas Wilson
  10. “A guilty conscience is the mother of invention.” – Carolyn Wells
  11. “Few things are as bad as a guilty conscience.” – Buchi Emecheta
  12. “A guilty conscience means at least you have one.” – Jakob Dylan

Guilty Feeling Quotes

  1. Guilt is one of those emotions that feeds on itself. With every bite, it gets a little heavier. -Robert E. Dunn
  2. We can’t change the past, yet guilt can tie us down with strings, often causing us to repeat the very behaviors we need to free ourselves from blocking us from seeing new opportunities. -Doc Childre, ‎Deborah Rozman
  3. Guilt is the worst. Absolutely the worst. The feeling is paralyzing, and we often push it down so deep inside of us that we’re not even aware it’s there. But the thoughts keep floating through our minds. -Jeanne M. House, Peak Vitality
  4. In order to divest ourselves of guilt, we need to figure out who it is that is judging us. -Aurora Dawn
  5. Guilt can’t be erased, and we can’t escape from it with any strategy. Within the laws of this planet, it has to be paid. One way or another, that guilty soul must pay its karma feeding it. -Robin Sacredfire
  6. We are not built for guilt, and it damages our souls and personalities—even our health. -Joyce Meyer, Living Beyond Your Feelings
  7. Guilt or the feeling of guilt is our response to the realization that our action was morally wrong and that we are responsible for the consequences of this action. -Janez Juhant, ‎Bojan Žalec
  8. Guilt steals our joy, hinders our productivity, interrupts our peace, harms our relationships, and, worst of all, makes us self-focused. -Mary Whelchel
  9. Guilt is so common that it has become a habit and a merciless one. Mercy is a response to love and truth. -Sebastián Blaksley,
  10. Only when you can let go of your guilt will you become able to move forward with your healing process. -Jacqueline Sewell,
  11. Being honest about our feelings is the best way to begin. Never allow guilt to rule because guilt is a wasted emotion. -Victoria Giraud, ‎Pat Sendejas
  12. In short, guilt is the fear of being found out and punished. -Daniel Johannes’s

Karma Guilty Conscience Quotes

  1. When Karma comes knocking, is your conscience absolutely clear?
  2. If you speak the truth, It will become a part of your past; if you lie, it will become a part of your future.
  3. Conscience is that voice of your soul that you do not listen to.
  4. Fear of Karma makes you betray the guilt
  5. When you are guilty, the fear of Karma scares you more
  6. There is a higher court than that of law, and that is of Karma coming back
  7. Guilt is a gift that keeps threatening you
  8. Guilt does to your spirit what pain does to your body
  9. Don’t keep feeling guilty. Karma will continue to make you feel it
  10. Life does not go backward; what is done is done. Keep that in mind
  11. A guilty mind can never attain peace
  12. Your Karma won’t let you forget what you have done, be sure of that.

A Guilty Person Gets Defensive Quotes

  1. Only one life, it will soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last. – Author: Elizabeth George
  2. I was always a huge fan of R. L. Stine and the ‘Goosebumps’ T.V. series and the ‘Goosebumps books. – Author: Dylan Minnette
  3. Better advice is to wait and chase God. While you’re waiting for the love of your life, pursue God. – Author: Kelsey Kupecky
  4. Much of the time, the things we feel guilty about are not our issues. Another person misbehaves or in some way violates our boundaries. We challenge the behavior, and the person gets angry and defensive. Then we feel guilty. – Author: Melody Beattie
  5. When your time came, it came, and that was that. You might say something smart on your way out, but you might just as easily say something stupid. – Author: Mitch Albom
  6. We laugh a lot. That’s for sure. Sure beats the alternative, doesn’t it? – Author: Betty White
  7. Trying to get to the answer before one has understood all the right questions is a prime source of error in human affairs. – Author: Phillip E. Johnson
  8. We pity in others only those evils which we ourselves have experienced. – Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  9. You are defensive because you are guilty, and it will pay you in the end.
  10. If you are defensive even before questions are asked, you are assumed guilty
  11. People get mad and defensive only when they know the other is speaking the truth.

Guilty Pleasure Quotes

  1. Short is the joy that guilty pleasure brings. -Euripides
  2. I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If I like it, I don’t feel guilty about it -Darren Criss
  3. ‘Project Runway was my guilty pleasure while my son was napping or nursing. -Debra Messing
  4. If you write satire, the guilty pleasure these days is that there’s just so much material about it. On the other hand, if you have a family, it can be depressing. -Carl Hiaasen
  5. Isn’t three-quarters of life a guilty pleasure? -Joan Collins
  6. When I was a kid, I had two great guilty pleasures. One was a horror movie, and the other was a martial arts movie. -M. Night Shyamalan
  7. My guilty pleasure is elastic-waisted pants. And reruns of shows I’ve already seen 400 times on TV. -Ross Mathews
  8. I really don’t have a guilty pleasure. -Ann Marie Buerkle
  9. I’m not a big splurger of money, but my guilty pleasures do lie within BMWs. I get roped in. -Tom Felton
  10. My favorite shows of the year are House of Cards, the Scandinavian versions of The Killing and The Bridge, and my guilty pleasure is everything MMA. Ultimate Fighter is amazing. -Ricky Gervais
  11. My guilty pleasure is Simon & Garfunkel. I’m embarrassed about it. They’re dorky. -Kemp Muhl
  12. I find a very guilty pleasure in dark themes and vibes and seeing where the transcending nature of awareness meets this darkness. -Mike Scheidt

Summing Up

Existential guilt is a little more complicated. May represent an individual’s feelings of injustice in general, or the guilt an individual feels for harming the lives of others. Guilt is good in small amounts because it’s part of what makes us good people. If you don’t feel guilty about anything, you become selfish and callous. As with everything in life, guilt is about balance. You need to learn to feel guilty for the right reasons and find forgiveness within yourself. Please share them and visit us again.

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