Halloween Puns

50+ Halloween Puns That Are Sure To Tickle Your Funny Bones Too

1. What Is A Skeleton’s Favorite Musical Instrument?

The Trom-bone.

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2. Why Are All Mummies Workaholics?

They’re Afraid To Unwind.


3. Why Won’t Vampires Prey On Snowmen?

They’ll Get Frostbite.


4. Did You Hear About The Vampire Who Lost His Home?

It Was A Grave Problem.


5.Who Did Dracula Take To The School Dance?

His Ghoul Friend.

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6. Did You Hear About The Vampire Who Had To Go To The Doctor?

He Was Coffin.


7. Where Do Ghosts Go On Vacation?



8. Why Couldn’t The Skeleton Watch Horror Movies?

He Didn’t Have The Stomach.


9. What Do You Get When You Drop A Pumpkin?



10. Who Do Skeleton’s Learn About In History Class?

halloween party puns

Napoleon Bone-a-part.


11. What Did The Skeleton Bring To The Potluck?

Spare Ribs.


12.What Did The Mummy Say To The Detective?

Let’s Wrap This Case Up


13. No Body Won The Skeleton Race.


14. Demons Are A Ghoul’s Best Friend.


15. You’ve Caught Me In Your Web.

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16. You’re Just My (Blood) Type.


17. Let’s Have Some Skele-Fun.


18. Uni-Candy Corn.


19. Let’s Have Some Skele-Fun.


20. Oh My Gourd, I Love Fall.

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21. Fangtastic.


22. Cheers, Witches.


23. Straight Outta Coffin.


24. Resting Witch Face.


25. Bow Down, Witches.

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26. I’m Here For The Boos.


27. What Do You Call Someone Who Puts Poison In A Person’s Corn Flake Cereal?

A Cereal Killer.


28. Why Wasn’t There Any Food Left After The Monster Party?

Because Everyone Was A Goblin! Check Out Our Funny, Halloween Jokes.


29. Why Don’t Skeletons Like Parties?

They Have No Body To Dance With.


30.Halloween Candy Is Yummy And All, But Don’t Forget To Save Room For ‘I Scream.’

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31. I Seriously Can Not Hold My Liquor.

Signed, The Skeleton.


32. What Does A Vampire Never Order At A Restaurant?

A Stake Sandwich.


33. What Does A Vampire Fear The Most?

Tooth Decay.


34. What Is A Vampire’s Favorite Holiday?



35. Where Do Fashionable Ghosts Shop For Costumes?

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36. What Is A Magically Delicious And Nutritious?

A Person Dressed As A Fairy Kale.


37. What Do You Get When You Cross A Person Dressed As A Silverware Utensil In The Middle Of Traffic?

A Fork In The Road.


38. What Do You Call When You Cross A Seafood Costume And A Alcoholic Beverage?

A Shrimp Cocktail.


39.Why Did The Ghost Have To Leave The Halloween Party Early?

He Couldn’t Handle His Boo’s!


40.  Who Helps Little Pumpkins Cross The Road Safely?

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The Crossing Gourd.


41.  What Does A Pirate Jack O’ Lantern Wear?

A Pumpkin Patch.


42.  What Is A Pumpkin’s Favorite Sport?



43.  What Does The Papa Ghost Say To His Family When Driving?

Fasten Your Sheet Belts.


44. What Do You Get When You Cross A Werewolf And A Vampire?

A Fur Coat That Fangs Around Your Neck.


45. What Is Dracula’s Second Favorite Holiday After Halloween?

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46. What Kind Of Beans Did The Monsters Put In Their Spooky Halloween Chili?

Human Beans!


47. Why Did The Witch Refuse To Go To The Halloween Party?

She Was Having A Bad Scare Day!


48. What Did They Serve At The Halloween Beach Party?



49. Why Didn’t The Ghost Dance At The Halloween Party?

Because He Had No Body To Dance With!


50. What’s The Ratio Of A Pumpkin’s Circumference To Its Diameter?

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Pumpkin Pi.


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